Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Finds

Hi all,

I hope your weekend was a good one.

The last week it has been super humid here. I don't mind the heat, as long as I don't have to feel like am walking around with a wet blanket on me.

I can't believe this is the middle of August and I haven't even been swimming. I remember when we were young, we swam every day, all day long. A bunch of fish we were. :)

and now to get back on track..... I wanted to show you a few goodies that I found over the weekend.

The metal goods......

The hay bale hook I found Thursday at a yard sale. The older gentlemen having the yard sale was amazed that I knew what it was. ( hey, I am old.lol) cost $1.00
Now what am i going to do with it?

The dried corn holder was found Thursday too. I seen one in Country Sampler( I think the new issue) with dried corn stuck on the prongs for Fall. cost $1.00

The old oil can (I think thats what it is) was found Saturday while at a collectibles store in Buffalo , Ohio.

more goodies here........

Saturday before going to the store in Buffalo; my mom, sister Karla, and I went to a few yard sales.

cutting board( which I want to paint) $1.00

candle holder 50cents

vintage linens 50 cents

vintage P&G napitha soap $1.00/bar

soap dispenser 50 cents( I already have my dish soap in it). :)

Longaberger baskets..................

Now, I am not a die hard Longaberger Basket fan. Why?
Because I think they are overrated.
Somewhere down the line they lost the historical signifigance and artistry of handmade baskets.

Have you ever made a basket? If so, you know the work and warmth that goes in to creating from your hands without a mold or a nail gun.( okay , I need to step down from my box now.)

I was yard saling solo on Friday morning and found these two baskets. The girl having the sale was young, way young(maybe 18-20). I asked her the price on these ... she said I could have them both for $2.00. I paid her and stashed them in the car before looking at anything else.

Maybe I will use them as gift baskets, or maybe just to store things in.

I didn't have a problem paying $2.00 for them.

Last, but not least..........

old school desk...........................$3.00
What should I clean it with, anyone know?
Should I apply a sealer or something?


  1. Great finds especially for the baskets! I too think Longaberger baskets are over rated and way over priced. Enjoy them anyway

  2. very cool finds! sounds like a winner!

  3. While I agree that they are over priced, if I found a deal like that---I would snap then right up, too. You got a gr8 deal. The bale hook? I have 2 of them and knew I had to have them when I found them but have done nothing with them. Let us know if you find a cool way to display!

  4. Wow you got some real deals there!! Good for you!!! On the desk I would get Old English oil wood polish, the clear kind. I would rub it in really good. Let it set them repeat it. It is going to be WONDERFUL when you are finished! The oil can...I would add some Sweet Annie and just some dried flowers. Make sure we get to see the finished project!
    Many Belssinga~Judy

  5. Great finds!!!

    Your desk was such a steal! I have one in my living room for an endtable and I so love it. I paid $30 for mine and thought that was a bargain! Mine if dry and rough like yours, too. I use Pledge Orange Oil....

    Great cutting board! It will be perfect primmed up!

    I wish I could find a cool soap dispenser! I took a canning jar and made my own for the bathroom but they don't really hold up. I'm constantly having to take the lid and repaint it. It rusts! I guess I should break down and buy one...

    Love the old tools, too! Very neat!

    I don't get the big deal about the baskets either but I don't understand half of the fads out there. I don't care what name brand is on something...I only buy stuff because I like them and feel it's a good bargain!

    We have been swimming in our little pool a lot lately thanks to the heat.....The kids have a great tan going and I guess I do, too...