Friday, September 11, 2009

Plans for the weekend?

Thought I would post and see what everyone is doing for the weekend. :)
We are planning on doing a little yard work. My sister, Kelly and I went to Lowe's on Wednesday to find her some mulch. It was a great day to go. All mums were half off; including the ones already on clearance. I got a couple 6 inch pots for 50 cents each and a few others were just a bit more.
We are still searching for some corn stalks to use in decorating outside.
Sunday also starts our county fair. We don't usually go out till later in the week. Though, Monday is the rough truck contest and it might be kind of fun to see.
I do have the house pretty much cleaned up.
Still need to run to Walmart and get a few things, plus make a German Chocolate cake.

What do you have planned for the weekend??


  1. check out my spot & you'll see what i'm up to, busy making money :) gio

  2. sounds like a fun. i was supposed to have a yard sale with my mom and one of my best friends tomorrow morning but it's been pouring rain all day today and doesn't look better for tomorrow, so we cancelled. now i don't know what i'll do tomorrow. sunday is easy- church in the morning, lunch out, and then football! woo hoo!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend! Mine will be boring, but this, too, shall pass!