Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Problems, Peeves and Pastimes

Please feel free to make your own list as we go. :)


I feel like this should still be Monday.
1. We have been messing around with a kitchen sink water problem since Sunday afternoon. of course, it would leak on Sunday when everything closes early.
SO spent yesterday afternoon (after getting off work) trying to fix the problem. The saga continues today. I have been hauling water from the bathtub to the kitchen to do dishes. so not fun! I am also pretty obsessive about mopping every other day.. I haven't got to mop since Saturday, I feel like its a dirtball in here. Hopefully today it gets fixed.

2. New( not even completely moved in) neighbor's 21 y/o son next door spun tires last weekend and cracked the window of dd#2's car. We tried to speak with him about it and his mother called the police to say we were threatening him. Needless to say, I wrote a statement at the sheriff's office.

3. One of our cats( the previous neighbor left her behind)) had her kittens under the new neighbor's storage building. I am afraid to even go over and retrieve them.

4. I missed the Schwans' guy again. He left a note stating he would be here on 9/7.
9/7?? that was Labor day!
Didn't they think most people would be out enjoying the last hurrah of summer??!!

5. I cannot find my rotary cutter anywhere. I am so irked.


1. Those who think I have nothing to do all day.

2. Raggedy anne dolls that people list as "primitive" . There is nothing primitive about a raggedy anne doll.

3. Whiney people

4. Long "speedy" checkout lines

5. Last minute planners

6. Drama queens

7. Lame excuses


1. Still need to plant some perennials

2. Going to look for pumpkins this evening

3. Finishing up a few swap projects. :)

4. Looking for a good book to read.

OKAY, I want to see your lists. Let it ALL out people!!!


  1. great lists! i agree with every one of your PEEVES!

  2. I know I have some of all three, but will have to think about it before I can write them down!!! I agree with alot of yours...and am SO sorry for the water problems you are having ---NO fun!

  3. I don't think you want to hear it...lol Did you see my post today? Isn't that enough? LOL

    I don't know if it will help but use a website like Shelfari or Facebook has a book app called 'Visual Bookshelf' that I added yesterday. You can see lists of popular books but also search for others based on ones you have read...it suggests others to read. They've been helpful for me :)



  4. It does feel good to let it out sometimes, doesn't it??!! I agree with all your peeves!!