Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anyone good at photo editing?

See the above photo( also the same as my header)?
Can anyone edit this photo so that I would have a pic of the two adults only?
maybe just their heads together??
These folks are my paternal great grandparents. My Dad would like to have a photo of just them together. This is the only one the entire family( 42 of them) could find.
I would really appreciate it if anyone could help.


  1. Awesome photo! I hope someone can help you. I'm not into that type of stuff but it seems someone should be able to do it!

    Have a great day :)


  2. I am not good with editing but my computer guy was telling me about the new photo shop out it has a special feature that could handle your task easily. Hope you can find someone who has it.

  3. About 30 years ago my Mom had a photo of my grandparents cropped similar to what you want to do. She took the picture to an actual photographer who specialized in restoring old photos. He did a beautiful job. I know it may be pricey but someone who specialzes in photo restoration will be able to do it.

    hope this helps!