Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camera update, got lost, etc. etc

Well, it seems I won't be posting pics for a little while. :(
I contacted Canon about getting the lens replaced; for $249.00, I can join the "loyalty program" and they will fix it. OR I can pay $139.00 labor, plus shipping, plus parts are ADDITIONAL.
Either way, its not in my budget this month, next month or the month after that.

I know a camera might not seem like such a big deal to go buy or to even have, but to me it is.
I don't do much else except take pictures, blog and go thrifting. Thats my life away from home- disability doesn't go far...
Send me some good wishes that I get something else figured out.

One good note for today, I got lost trying to find a yard sale in the country. Yea, I know that should have been a bad thing BUT, I found the coolest little shop in a barn!!. She has got some old chests, corner cupboards, old wood tool boxes, etc. The prices are cheap, cheap, cheap!!!
I did get a couple old lock plates ($1.00) , an old whisk broom( $1.00) and some old Country Home magazines for 50 cents each.
I am not telling anyone where its at till I get one of those old wood chests. She has them ALL marked less than $20.00 each!! yippee!!!

Oh, has anyone seen the special edition of "COUNTRY HOME" thats out???
I read about it HERE. My Walmart doesn't have it. :(

Stay Cool,


  1. Aw, boo, Kim. Sorry to hear about your camera. But the little barn shop sounds like fantastic!


  2. Hey Kim sorry to hear about your camera. You'll figure something out though. I know you.

    OH my word that shop sounds really awesome!!!! Sometimes it pays to get lost.


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  4. I didn;t have a camera for quite some time-so I know how much you are missing yours- I would wait until I had a lot of projects finished then buy a disposable camera- when it was full of pics I would take it to Wal Mart ant have them pit the pics on a CD- not the easiest way but it does work.

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