Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall, Fall & more Fall

I started doing some decorating the past two days.
This year the look is going to be a little less cluttered and alot more ME!
My Fall decor used to consist of all the usual ghosts, goblins and witches when the girls were younger(and at home). These days its pretty much me and SO. :)
Still, I wanted it to look like we were in the festive mood.

First place I started was on the sofa shelf.
The pumpkin I picked up at a thrift store for about 69 cents.

The sticks were free. I found them out underneath the tree.

Lets go outside.

The carved pumpkin is actually foam.
He used to have a light inside but not anymore.
If I decide to, I can always set a tealight inside.

Old, chippy chair was brought around from the backyard.

Added the mums( which are going to be purple) and more pumpkins.

Birdhouse gourds and a pumpkin take their place on the old bench.

I couldn't show you the pumpkin bread , pumpkin bars w/icing, nor homemade Strawberry jam that we bought at the same place as the pumpkins and corn stalks.


Cause we ate it!! That's right!! All bread and bars are gone(and I would feel weird posting a half empty jar of jam).

Guess you will have to use your imagination.

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  1. everything looks wonderful.. and I would have the goodies eaten by now too...