Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Finds

Such a beautiful Saturday!!

We didn't leave the house till afternoon and wasn't really expecting to find anything so late in the day. I was wrong.
dd#2 and I went for a drive on some back roads. Conversation was great and so was the sweet tea.
We stopped at what I thought was a yard sale; turns out the guy was doing a little cleaning in the barn.
These things were in his throw away pile.
The old burlap bag is so soft; not tall itchy feeling like burlap usually is.
It says, " produced in USA". Maybe make a great pillow cover?
The sifter is in good shape, just needs a good cleaning.
Bells in the sifter are going to be used for a Christmas project.

Great finds and it was all FREE!!!
Happy Weekend!!!
* thanks for all the emails about my camera situation. I did go to the sheriff's dept. and file a report, checked with local pawn shop, still scanning lost & found ads, Craigslist, and other selling sites.
Till its found or I can afford another camera, I will make do with my phone.


  1. What wonderful FREE finds!! Can't wait to see what you do with the burlap!

  2. You found some really neat things.!! Yay, for you.

  3. Lucky you! It doesn't get any thriftier than free.

  4. Free is always the best! You did good. I was given two hand saws I found at a yard sale. Love them. Yep, free is good.

  5. Incredible! It never fails to amaze me what people consider junk......
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