Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Tuesday is a Monday

Where should I start?


1.)The cat is now taking an antidepressant. The theory is she is upset over being fixed and another cat had kittens. Who would have thought??!!

2.)While driving home from the vet's office. I heard a loud thump. Well, kinda like a crinkly noise that a plastic water bottle would make. I see a hairline crack in the window!!
Stopped at the red light to inspect it( and to keep from getting run over by oncoming traffic).
There is a tiny hole, like from a BB!! WHAT THE HECK?!! I have no idea where it come from, an overpass???

3.) I sit here and blog in a room that we removed the wallboard (down to the insulation yesterday). Its so cheery........... not!!!

4.) The toilet seat hinge broke; me sliding sideways on a broken plastic seat with my pants down is not a pretty picture!

I need chocolate or wine.........maybe both. after all, its still early.


  1. Never say "What next." You may not really want to know.
    Things can only get better from here on out!

  2. Wow, you do lead an adventurous life!!! Hang in there...tomorrow there will be new adventures to contend with. Dianntha

  3. Yikes! Hang in there is an understatement... should read 'hang ON there' (those oh so necessary toilet seats!)
    Hope things pick up fast for you!

  4. Everything bad happens all at once. Hang in there....it will get better. Cat on anti- depressents....who would have thought?? Hope you have a better Wednesday!

  5. Well, you can still make your reader's laugh! Not at your expense...but sometimes we gotta laugh so we don't cry. So we're laugh'in with you! And I have one of those dumb toliet seats too. every time I go sliding sideways, I'm surprised. Why?? You would think by now I know I'm going for a ride in the bathroom....weee....!