Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Finds

Such a beautiful Saturday!!

We didn't leave the house till afternoon and wasn't really expecting to find anything so late in the day. I was wrong.
dd#2 and I went for a drive on some back roads. Conversation was great and so was the sweet tea.
We stopped at what I thought was a yard sale; turns out the guy was doing a little cleaning in the barn.
These things were in his throw away pile.
The old burlap bag is so soft; not tall itchy feeling like burlap usually is.
It says, " produced in USA". Maybe make a great pillow cover?
The sifter is in good shape, just needs a good cleaning.
Bells in the sifter are going to be used for a Christmas project.

Great finds and it was all FREE!!!
Happy Weekend!!!
* thanks for all the emails about my camera situation. I did go to the sheriff's dept. and file a report, checked with local pawn shop, still scanning lost & found ads, Craigslist, and other selling sites.
Till its found or I can afford another camera, I will make do with my phone.

Pumpkin Festival

Barnesville, Ohio comes alive in full swing with pumpkins galore in the last full weekend of September each year with Barnesville Pumpkin Festival. It is a four day event that brings in approximately 15,000 people every year. The 47th annual festival is scheduled from September 23-September 26, 2010.
King Pumpkin contest, Giant Pumpkin Parade, classic car show, Queen Pageant, banjo, crafts farm machinery and fiddle contest and more are other highlights of the event. The event is actually a fund raiser for the civic organizations and clubs running in Barnesville. So, come to Barnesville Pumpkin Festival and contribute your bit while you enjoy watching a variety of pumpkins.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I should have known better.

Okay, I should have known better.

This past week was our county fair.

I let dd#2 take the camera with her yesterday to get some photos.

She left the camera ( setting on the floor) in the Explorer while walking around; she did lock the doors.

Her big mistake was she didn't lock the back hatch; someone crawled through it.

My camera is now GONE.

I am taking a photo of it to the Sheriff's dept. and the local pawn shop.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall, Fall & more Fall

I started doing some decorating the past two days.
This year the look is going to be a little less cluttered and alot more ME!
My Fall decor used to consist of all the usual ghosts, goblins and witches when the girls were younger(and at home). These days its pretty much me and SO. :)
Still, I wanted it to look like we were in the festive mood.

First place I started was on the sofa shelf.
The pumpkin I picked up at a thrift store for about 69 cents.

The sticks were free. I found them out underneath the tree.

Lets go outside.

The carved pumpkin is actually foam.
He used to have a light inside but not anymore.
If I decide to, I can always set a tealight inside.

Old, chippy chair was brought around from the backyard.

Added the mums( which are going to be purple) and more pumpkins.

Birdhouse gourds and a pumpkin take their place on the old bench.

I couldn't show you the pumpkin bread , pumpkin bars w/icing, nor homemade Strawberry jam that we bought at the same place as the pumpkins and corn stalks.


Cause we ate it!! That's right!! All bread and bars are gone(and I would feel weird posting a half empty jar of jam).

Guess you will have to use your imagination.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Better than Tuesday

The rest of the week has been better than Tuesday.

Wednesday, I spent some time relaxing and catching up on reading.

Thursday, I made some chili base and pasta auce. If you havent tried Mrs. Wage's spice mixes, then you are in for a surprise.

so easy and...... you can freeze what you make instead of the big hassle of canning.

Friday, I stopped at a few thrift stores without alot of success.

This morning, was spent shopping for Fall goodies to put outside .

Love this huge cornucopia made from corn stalks!

More things we seen on our venture.

About 2pm, we headed for National Trail Raceway for NHRA Unleashed..

I love watching races.

Meeting my sister and mom for coffee in the morning. Hopefully, we have the time to make a few stops and do some thrifty shopping. :)

If we don't , well no matter. Just us together is the best thing in the world.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Tuesday is a Monday

Where should I start?


1.)The cat is now taking an antidepressant. The theory is she is upset over being fixed and another cat had kittens. Who would have thought??!!

2.)While driving home from the vet's office. I heard a loud thump. Well, kinda like a crinkly noise that a plastic water bottle would make. I see a hairline crack in the window!!
Stopped at the red light to inspect it( and to keep from getting run over by oncoming traffic).
There is a tiny hole, like from a BB!! WHAT THE HECK?!! I have no idea where it come from, an overpass???

3.) I sit here and blog in a room that we removed the wallboard (down to the insulation yesterday). Its so cheery........... not!!!

4.) The toilet seat hinge broke; me sliding sideways on a broken plastic seat with my pants down is not a pretty picture!

I need chocolate or wine.........maybe both. after all, its still early.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Curtain Rod Makeover

Does this look familar??
Cheap( I love that part), white curtain rod.
I have these in almost every room, but I love the dark brown and black rods you see in all the magazines and online.

I bought a can of Rustoleum brown paint..

and turned the cheapo rods into this............................

Its a quick fix; no more white rods!!!
Quick redo for $5.69!

Panels are from Kmart $7.99 each.
They remind me of the ones from Pottery Barn and Horchow.