Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside...........

Good Morning!!
Geez, it was only 39 degrees outside when I woke up. Could someone please explain to mother nature that this is almost the middle of May? :) lol

I am sitting here typing to you, drinking coffee and wearing wooly socks. They are not very pretty but oh, so warm!!
Yesterday I changed out the goodies on my tv armoire to primitive americana items for the summer.
I will post a pic (maybe later today)and see what you think. Right now, I am thinking it looks plain.
Today I am going to get some tomato plants, clean house and run by Walmart.

What's on your agenda?


  1. We had a thunder storm yesterday! Ha, at least with the computer turned off, I actually got something accomplished... I scrapbooked an entire mini album! Maybe the weird weather is not so bad!

  2. It was cool here yesterday, but today is warmer. Warm socks are the best!

  3. Well here in Canada, 39 would be fairly balmy in the mornings...lol
    Strange weather these days of spring...it's for flowers they tell us.

  4. oh that is not right, I'll have to ship you some California sunshine :)