Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Thursday Morning.

Good morning everyone,

Is it raining where you are? :)
It is here.
So much for yard saling this weekend; maybe it will clear up, but I doubt it.
I thought I would post a few pics from around the yard.
I love this deep purple color.

and a pale lavender.......

My primitive greenhouse is in place, I am thinking of starting some fall type plants inside.

We sold all of the ones that we made!! Two of them went to blogging friends. :)

I need to get busy on my Uncle Sam project . I have been proscratinating lately. Sometimes I do that. lol
I also need to get a pic or two of my tv armoire, it needs something, I just don't know what.
Be back soon, Kim


  1. I love your primitive greenhouse - it is so cool! Maybe it will dry out and improve your yard sale chances this weekend! :)

  2. Love the greenhouse...I'm so over the rain too...Hoping for a beautiful weekend.