Wednesday, May 6, 2009

(I told you there was a bunch to see). :)
This cute little basket planter(plants included) was another yard sale find.
Cost? $2.00!!!

You can find the tea stained flags at Dollar Zone( an everything for a dollar store). Ours is in the Walmart center. :) I bought a couple since they were just $1.00. They won't last long- hurry over!

Check out this runner I have hanging over the side of my cupboard- another yard sale find!
It is so heavy,long and I love it!! Want to know what I paid??????


I was doing a happy dance all the way to the Explorer. :)

One last find..........
paid 25 cents for this tissue box cover. :)

Did I do good or what??!!!

Now, I want to tell you that it pays to be nice and give compliments. Of course you might already know that but in case you forgot, here is some positive reinforcement . :)
I sent an email to GLADE to let them know how much I like the fragrance collection candles.
They have currants & açai,mcintosh apple,orange vanilla and more!
In return, look what they sent me!!!!
I can get one (or two-depending on the size) for free!!!

and...... I received these in the mail for responding to a PURINA survey.
Thank you GLADE & PURINA! :)
Hop on over to LESLIE'S blog and see what everyone else is doing today. :)

p.s. I won the giveaway at CHAR'S blog!
Make sure you check out her post on making candle boards.


  1. Wow, love the rug and the tissue box...so very neat!!!

    I need to go and get flowers too and I usually stop at the yardsales that have them too:)

  2. wow you totally scored over the weekend at all your stops! don't you love when companies appreciate your comments and send you coupons? makes you feel good!

  3. You dirty dog you!!!!

    I am so jealous now I don't want to talk to you!!!

    Can't you see I am just pea green over here???


    Just joshin'

    Love LOVE the runner, love the plants oh heck I LOVE IT ALL!!!!

    Let me know about the poppies. I love them but here in WV I can never ever find them. I hope you have luck with yours so you can tell me all about them.


    PS I have went garden crazy over at my blog. So I understand your absence! lol