Friday, May 8, 2009

Lots To Do & To Show You

Good Morning,
I am up and need to get busy.
First, I thought I would post to you.
This project is from my cousin, Tammy. :)

She turned an old dresser into a buffet for her dining room.
She is one of the smart ones in the family. sshh.... Don't tell anyone I said that. (giggle)

This is a very cool primitive!!!

I am loving it!!! :)
Wonder what goodies she is going to put on it?
Maybe she will send me some more pics to post. :)
(hint, hint, if she is reading this)

These are my goods from double couponing at KMART.

The candles on the left( orange, white and red) are the new Glade fragrance collection. I ended up getting them for $1.00 each! Yes, even the big one!
total before coupons- $134.87
total after double coupons - $31.66
Woohoo! I am doing a happy dance!
You know why? Because that means more money to yard sale AND more money I can put back for a new kitchen floor.
Remember my post about the awful stuff from Armstrong flooring?
I did hear back, they said there was no proof it was actually their flooring. :(
My dad thinks I should roll the whole darn( that's not the "D" word he used) up and send it to them. (I know where I get my attitude from). hehe

I am going this morning to the downtown farmers market. Hopefully, I can remember to take my camera. This is the courthouse lawn that it will be on.

My neighbors would be ready to kill me if I had a planter like this...................lol

Wonder if we could make it prim??? tee hee

Let me tell ya, I could plant the whole garden in mine( and it might cause a traffic jam with all the construction guys around here too). lol

Be back soon,


  1. That is horrible that Armstrong will not stand behind there product! Does it say Armstrong on the back?
    Your savings is freaking amazing!
    Yeah, more money to garage sale and thrift shop!
    Enjoy your weekend and happy Mother's day!

  2. Sorry about your flooring, hope you get it resolved. Love that "Prim" buffet! And your savings were awesome!! OMGosh! Where is that intersection?? I think I've been there! With all the traveling I've done it's entirely possible, too. And I've been by a few places that that planter would fit in perfectly, but I'm like you.....not in my yard, lol.
    Have a Happy Mothers Day! I'll look forward to more pics.
    Hugs, Bren

  3. Love that planter!!...hehehehehehe...and you are too funny about using yours!

    Great savings!

  4. great dresser! that planter is definitely something else, lol!

  5. Well now I know to not buy Armstrong! Man that's horrible!!!

    Love the bra planter.
    Just gotta ask is that one yours?

    LOVE your cousins redo!

    Very cool prim!


  6. Oh wow- love the dresser/server!
    WTG girl, on that tremendous savings!!!
    Have a great day-Happy Mothers day to ya :)


  7. LOL at that planter! I love it!!!

    have a good weekend :)

  8. Good job on the "dresser". Tell her it looks great!

    I think you could make the "planter" look prim by spray painting it black!!! LOL

  9. I agree with Colleen, the planter would look more prim if it were black:)

    The dresser turned out great, tell her she did a wonderful job on it.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  10. I just learned that Kmart is Double Couponing. I can't wait to go shopping. We haven't had double couponing in our are for a long time.

  11. Love the dresser...

    I've got to learn how to coupon like this...I'd like any help you can give!

  12. I love your planter! *hehe* and your coupon savings is amazing!! I would love to have a trip like that.

    I hope you have a nice time at the farmers market. I wish our little town had one here. I am patiently waiting for DH to get up so we can hit some yardsales....


  13. Great buffet! And boy howdy firl, did you ever get some great bargains!