Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Friday Morning

Just on for a few minutes; got a few errands to run today.
I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. Last night was Trick or Treat here in our town. I stayed off the neighborhood streets. lol.
There is way too many people who let their kids run wild during the hour and I worry about them darting in and out between cars.
My girls are grown now and there are no more days of Trick or Treat and Halloween costumes.
The memories are still there of all those good and happy times. :)
We all usually gather at my mom's for handing out candy, food and a fire in the pit. My mom likes to keep track of how many pieces of candy we hand out. All of us bring bags of the mini or fun size candy bars instead of the penny candy type stuff, just because its easier to count and kids seem to like them more. In 2007 we handed out 611 candy bars. 2008 the count was up to 654. This year the town she lives in is waiting till Saturday evening to have the Halloween parade and Trick or Treat, while all the other nearby places have already had Trick or Treat LAST night.
I expect the candy bar count to be well over 700 this year!

and after halloween???

The countdown is on to THANKSGIVING.
Some people tend to overlook Thanksgiving and start preparing for Christmas.

I don't.

Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks. Lets give thanks for things that we love and cherish in our lives.

Stop and think about your life and the closing chapters of another year upon us.

I have added a Thanksgiving countdown to the top of my posts.

I thought about posting at least one thing EVERY DAY starting November 1, that I am thankful for.

Do you want to do it too?

Be Back Soon


  1. I too love Thanksgiving...and hate to see it passed over...was in retail most of my life and saw the change happening...of Christmas being out in Aug/Sept. and passing fall by! Always made me sad....so therefore WE celebrate it ALL!!!!

  2. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love your countdown!

  3. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. I can join you in your daily gratitude posts...
    Happy Halloween ~Natalie

  4. I think it's a brilliant idea and will do my best to join in, although I might not make it every day! :)