Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things are back to normal

Things are back to normal this week( knock on wood). :)

The Explorer is up and running. :)

We are continuing work on the kitchen. You know how it is, the job never goes as planned.
I wonder why it looks so easy on TV? lol
It has been chilly and dreary here all day. Where are the nice sunny Fall days?
I know winter is well on its way but, so soon??
I did see 3 ALL black wooly worms on the deck railing. A wooly worm is supposed to brown and black. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that the less brown there is ; the harsher the winter will be. So, according to the all black ones I seen a while ago; we are really in for a bad one.


  1. Kim,
    You live in a trailer, it will never go like it should. Nothing is ever the normal size and nothing is put together like it should be! LOL Every project requires some engineering and crossing your fingers! LOL

    The caterpillars I see are all brown in the center with black on the ends. I researched it and they said they think it really has to do with rain during the time they were developing? Anyway, the ones around here aren't saying what yours are but the amount of walnuts, acorns, apples and other items and the way the weather has been, makes me think we better watch out!


  2. I've seen the black ones here, I sure hope they are wrong.LOL

  3. WHAT???? Kim you better be wrong about the harsh winter. LOL.

    And thank you for your post yeterday it made me smile. You are right it is better than living with him.


  4. Oh, I hope we don't have a bad winter! :( Yes, HGTV lies about how easy remodeling is, don't they? They also, I have found, lie about painting and decorating!