Monday, October 5, 2009

Keeping my fingers crossed

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Explorer is back to running smoothly.
We had to replace the solenoid. I think that's how you spell it. lol
We never did make it to the Oktoberfest. Saturday evening we went to my brother's for a surprise birthday party( for him). It was really great!
Sunday I messed around the house; making cookies, homemade pretzels and coney dogs.
I am off to the store right now.
Hopefully will have some projects to post this week


  1. We actually have had to replace that "thing" on one of our cars also.....Good luck to you on getting your car back for good!

    Homemade pretzels sounds so good! As well as the cookies and coney dogs too! Care to share the recipe?????

    Have a good day Dianne!

  2. >>>>>I mean KIM!!!! oops!!!!
    my brain is in a fog!

  3. Glad you got your explorer fixed, I have a 98 Toyota 4 runner, and we have messed around with the idea of something new, but i just dont want a payment, we have not had one in 7 years!! Thank God it is doing fine!