Monday, October 26, 2009

Remember This Kitchen??

Remember this kitchen- that you have seen in LOTS of my pics??

Please excuse all the crap on the counter and stove. I was clearing out the cupboards for demolition. :)

and this......... my tired looking black and burgundy.....notice the chips in the counter top?? yuk!!

I am still loving primitives , BUT not everything in "those days" was a dark color.

(If you find something that says otherwise give me a holler). lol

dd#2 came and got her car so it's no longer in my vision as I look out the window either..


new sink (8.5 inches deep), new counters ( Milano Amber), all new cabinets.

We stained them ourselves; color is, "special walnut",

AND new wallboard. The wallboard was entitled, "distressed rustic" at the store. It already has marks in it, you just have to sand a little and paint or stain. :)

OH, new range hood too.

This pedestal table & 4 chairs is for sale. $50.00!!

Forgive me for not posting a pic of a larger area but we are still working on the kitchen island

I will post a pic when its done. We are on the search for new flooring too. :)

I am going to add more prims but need to sell some old stuff and get some new goodies(definitely wanting a couple flicker lights). I think one on the island and one on the sink would be great. :) Also need to find a different clock.

Got any suggestions to add? :)

As soon as this project is complete, I will get back to posting some thrift store makeovers and crafts.

Be back soon,


P.S. Did you know there are only 59 days till Christmas???


  1. What a difference! Love the colors, can't wait to see the final results. Great bargain with the table.

  2. hi there, have you heard about the peel & stick plank flooring at HD, i'm going to do my dining room in it :) gio

  3. WOW - What a difference and it looks great. Can't wait to see it all finished up.

  4. I love your new cabinets and counters. I'll be watching for pics of it when your done.
    Have a great day.

  5. Kitchens are my passion (besides thrifting and Diet Dr. Pepper!)
    Your kitchen is so wonderful!
    The counters go so well with the cabinets! I love love love it!!!!
    Where did you get your wallboard? I am looking for some for my foyer, and that looks just like the stuff I need.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Love the kitchen! :) Oh, and did you have to brinf up the Christmas thing??? Just kidding, but wow - 59 days is not long!

  7. I think your new cabinets look FAB! And new countertops always make such a difference. We changed ours out last year and it made such a difference! And what a great deal on the table and chairs! Can't wait to see your island!

  8. wow. that's a make over! looks awesome.

  9. Your kitchen looks soooo good, wanna come over and tear up mine?
    It could use a make over!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. Wow, looks fantastic. I'm sitting here green with envy right now!!!

  11. Wow-WOW! It looks great! What a difference, it's so much brighter! Lovin' your counter top choice, evenything looks great together!
    Wonderful job :) Great price for the table/chairs too.

  12. Kim,
    I haven't been keeping up with blogs too much with the craziness around here. What a transformation! Great work :) Can't wait to see the rest..