Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hanging around the House

The last 16 hours we have had lots of rain.
My plans for doing much outdoors is now on hold.
Am hoping for clear weather tomorrow, as there is a graduation party to attend. :)

This is a table centerpiece I put together. The yellow stuff( Goldenrod?) was some of the artificial plants from the yard sales last weekend.
The old watering can was a yard sale goodie($2.00) from last year.

I took this pic after filling the bike pots last week. Hopefully, will get another when they are much fuller.

Got Mr. Snowman at a yard sale on Thursday. He was $1.00.
Right now, he is sitting outside the storage building.

I don't think he minds the sun.
After all, he IS smiling.


  1. LOL about the snowman!!!! I don't know it adds a little something to your summer decor. hmmmm... a flag in his hat would be perfect. LOL

    I know what you mean about the rain! Everything is soggy!

    Love the new table display.


  2. I love that bicycle, it's exactly what I'm looking for!! Hmm.. where do you live? LOL