Monday, June 14, 2010

Thrifty finds

Did more thrift store shopping than yard sales. Yes, it was a hot, humid( and sometimes rainy) weekend. I should be used to it by now . :)

Found this at a military thrift store in Zanesville.

price- 50 cents

I am thinking of a vintage display??

maybe find a couple hats to add to a wall with it.

Another find at the same store

white tags were half off.


less than 35 cents. lol
the fern leaves are real; frame is off white and distressed.

from another thrift store run by Pound Partners in Cambridge.

paint edgers 50 cents for both( plus refill pads)

cute button shower curtain hooks 50 cents /pk.

glass cylinder vase 50 cents

rattan basket 25 cents

Did I mention that the store has 50% off EVERY Thursday???

See other great finds at


  1. I have a collection of pressed fern pictures. I love them. I would have paid a couple of bucks, so a very good score. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you have a chance to stop by and say hello.

  2. What fortunate finds. That hat picture is sure a fun starting point.