Monday, April 6, 2009

It has been a Long Weekend

Warning, this is a long post........................
Oh jeez, it has been a long weekend!
I am anxious to see Monday on its way.
I was up at a little after 4 am on Saturday and couldn't go back to sleep at all.
By 8:30 am I was out the door to pick up my "Aunt E". She needed to go to the bank and store. Her car is in the garage until Tuesday getting repaired. Aunt E has been having problems with her car for the last few months. She hasn't been driving it for a good while due to having eye surgery so at the time I wasn't aware of the problem. Well, a week ago(post eye surgery) she asked me to drive her car to the store. She was a little apprehensive due to not driving for such a long time. Well, the ABS light came on half way through our trip. She said the mechanic had told her it wasn't a big deal and to get the light to go off all she had to do was pull over and shut the car off for a few minutes.
I was like, WHOA!! WAIT A MINUTE!! That doesn't even sound right!! I told Aunt E it sounded like it was electrical and maybe the computer was going bad. Well, sure enough, she got up the courage to try going herself on Friday and when she went to start the car, all the dashboard lights came on! She pulled into the garage and called me. I told her it had to go to a shop and while she was waiting on the mechanic( a different mechanic, mind you) to call her;. get the car out of the garage in case it did catch on fire. Her garage is connected to the house ... it would have been all bad. :( Saturday morning, she had to ride in my 'jewel" '93 Explorer. :)
Anyways, we were off to the bank and Walmart. I needed a few things from there that I had coupons for. I headed one direction and she headed the other. We both ended up at the check out lane about the same time. I went first and laid out all my coupons ON TOP of the products that they correlated with. Well, the clerk was very frazzled as she said the check cashing scanner was acting up. She didn't say this to me but to the people in front of us. She did make a remark to the other shopper that I had sooo many coupons. (I had exactly 15 coupons, is that alot???) . She gathered up all of them and laid them by the register and informed me that she didn't like the coupons on top of the items. ( okay, whatever). She rang me up and said, "$76.12" I said, "excuse me, but you didn't take off any of my coupons". she said, "oh yea"..........
I went back to helping Aunt E put her things on the belt. I heard her scanning some coupons but didn't pay particular mind to how many "beeps" I heard. She then states, "$46.22". I was still thinking this was high but I paid her , helped my aunt and we left the store. After loading everything, I checked my receipt. Sure enough!! She had only scanned 7 coupons, not 15. I went back in the store and to the customer service desk. They contacted an assistant manager who called them back and stated there were no coupons in her drawer. They wanted my name and phone number and said they would call me. I politely said I wanted it straightened out right then so I didn't have to make another trip........ they called the clerk off her break and sure enough there was the coupons in the register!! The asst. manager had never looked!! I ended up getting another refund of $17.01 . So , in all total I got $76.12 worth of stuff for $29.21( the higlight of my weekend).
The worst part was not one employee apologized for their mistake. I am so tempted to email Walmart and let them know what happened.

After taking Aunt E home. I unloaded everything at my house to go help SO at work. They got an order to deliver shop towels to Amish country.
There was 3 ton of rags to split and put in 20lb. bags. Talk about a job!!
And guess how many guys were there to help him??.. Nope not one......... all by his lonesome. Well, except for me.......
By the time we were done it was going on 8pm. All either of us could do was eat, shower and hit the bed.

Sunday morning we got up to his dad knocking on the door.
He came to ask us( and he hasn't been to the house for over 6 months) if we had come down and borrowed his weed eater.. ( uh, no. why would we? I mean there is three weed eaters in the shed). I was totally floored. I mean the guy hasn't been around for MONTHS and all of a sudden this is what he came to ask us about. He was gone by noon..

The bedroom continues to look like a construction zone.
We went this afternoon and found some great mistint paint that I am going to use in the bedroom. The walls have been needing some new paint for a while........ we have them half sanded and half not......... its not the most relaxing bedroom that you have ever seen let me tell ya!! lol
Thank goodness to Lowe's and their mistint section.
We also stopped by the Goodwill. I picked up 6 Anchor Hocking pasta style bowls and a few magazines. Remember the little cutter in a previous post with the wood handle? well, they had one at the Goodwill in the display case for $4.99!! Are they crazy??!!
The last few hours I have spent cutting more coupons from the paper. I am not even ready to go to sleep.

Its now been raining for about an hour......... we are expecting 1-2 inches of snow by Tuesday.
(Welcome to Ohio weather).

How was your weekend??


  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at WalMart. For the most part, the employees at our closest WalMart are pretty good. At another WalMart in the area they're terrible. I started unloading my items onto the belt at the checkout stand and doing as you did, placing the coupons with thte items. The clerk made a remark to the clerk at the next counter that she didn't like coupons. I had about 35 coupons and the store wasn't busy at all. I also had about $200 worth of items. I told her she had two choices, either ring up the coupons or put all my items back. She stated I just couldn't leave the items and laughed. I don't think she laughed for long though. I picked my purse out of the cart, carefully picked up each of my coupons and walked away with her standing there with her mouth hanging open. I came home and emailed WalMart telling about the whole experience. I received an email back telling me they were sorry it happened and they would talk to the employee.

    I go out of my way to let stores know when their employees do a good job. I also let them know when they mistreat customers.

  2. you should totally write a formal complaint letter to walmart and then let us know if they ever respond! sounds like a very busy weekend. hopefully you can relax this coming weekend and celebrate Easter!

  3. I'm sorry you had a bad weekend. I think you should write a formal complaint, as well. Hope this week is better for you.

  4. Wow, I just came from Walmart here...why wouldn't they have more checkers at the end of the day...way too long a wait in line.

    Sorry about your big hassel though, I really don't have anything to complain about...I just don't plan to go back for a while!! ~Natalie

  5. Sounds like that cashier did not like coupons, huh? I spent my weekend at the hospital with a friend and that is so tiring but it was an honor to sit with her.

  6. I don't usually have trouble with coupons but I do have trouble with the price matching thing. They advertise that they match competitor's prices. So, if another store has something cheaper I just take their ad with me and almost everytime there is some problem. For example, Food Lion had Scott toilet paper on sale. The picture in the ad showed the extra soft but up under the picture it listed the kind I was buying was on sale also. Well, the cashier tried to tell me the add was only for the extra soft. I had to correct her and she apologized. One cashier even told me she couldn't match the ad because something was on sale at CVS with the Extra Care card. I asked her if she wanted to scan my card. :o)! And they tried to tell me I could only get one of the item that was advertised even though the ad said there was a limit of six. I get so angry almost everytime I go get groceries. If they don't want to match prices they should change their policy.