Thursday, April 23, 2009

NeW PRoject :)

Yesterday I went and picked up some old windows. This is what we are creating.

They are for sale if you feel like driving to Ohio. lol
The tops do open up to allow for planting, cuttings etc. This one has herbs in it- at someone's house. :) The white stick you see in the left hand corner of the prim greenhouse is to hold the top open, it is simply a spring tension rod.

I also thought I would post a slideshow of my yard from a summer or two ago. :)
After all, we are supposed to have 80 degree weather over the weekend! yippee!!


Tomorrow is yard sale day (i am hoping). It has been a lonnnnggggg time since I found any great deals.
See ya later, Kim


  1. Hi Kim!
    Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous! So healthy! What a green thumb you have :)
    Love your little cold frame idea too...
    I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here, and stay.
    Love your pond too, do ya have any fishies in there?
    Have a fabulous weekend-enjoy your sales :)


  2. Lucky you...80 degree weather...I hope you enjoy it!

    It is still trying to dry up here, although we did have a few nice days this past week. My lawn is still a lime green.....just waiting for that sun!

  3. Oh Kim everything looks so great loved it all...so much to look at..love the bike and the quilt on the bench looks like you put a lot of heart and soul in it...
    Thanks for sharing it with us...in the 70's here today and yep mid 80's all weekend..love it...
    Prim Blessings...

  4. Your slide show is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.