Wednesday, April 22, 2009

KNock, Knock, Is ANyone Home?

Knock, Knock, is anyone home? lol
I feel like I have been away from blogging forever. I know some of you thought maybe I was lost considering all the emails . Thanks for them all. :)
Actually, I have been pretty busy around the house. Everything is coming up in the yard and I need to get some pictures soon. We have put down Epsom salt on all the hosta and fern beds to help them grow. I learned that from my grandma and it does work.
Q: Why is Epsom Salt good for plants? A: Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is a mineral plants need for a stronger root structure and to facilitate the uptake of chlorophyll.

We have cut the grass here and at my dad's twice already and it needs it again!

I have babysit my nieces a few times in the past week. Let me tell ya, they are a handful! lol

Now, I got an Earth Day post. :)
and anyone watching Biggest Loser? (duh, that was a dumb question, lol)
This is the water bottle they use from BRITA FILTER FOR GOOD. Online you can get them for $10.00

I found them cheaper and at a sweeter deal!! BIG LOTS has them for $2.00!! Yep, just $2.00 and they have the packs of crystal light inside! It's a double score. :) I bought 5 of them while I was in town over the weekend. One of them I already opened and am using. They are great and so pretty! Head over to BIG lots and pick one up. If you are in my area , the bottles are located right next to the picnic supplies( colored plastic plates, cups, etc)

Today I am going to run to Kmart and pick up a few things while the double coupon deal is going on. I went last night, (well, attempted to go) but the store was closed ( along with Walmart) for a few hours due to a power outage. They have alot of great deals if you are a coupon user. I already got a few things( Pledge multi surface spray, Visine, Bic soliel razors,Oust deodorizing spray, dog treats and V8 fusion) FREE!
Here is a link to get a $2.00 off the V8 fusion
It is $3.99 at Kmart, double the coupon this week and that means it is free!
Oh, I got a little giveaway to show you later too. :)
Be back soon. :)


  1. Glad you're back! You find the best deals!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the water bottle...our Big Lots is right next to GW so I know I'll be picking one up:)