Friday, April 10, 2009

What's for Easter dinner??

(not my table)

We are having at dad's(and who is bringing it):

baked ham-me
roasted chicken-kevin
homemade noodles-me
green bean casserole-dad
mashed potatoes-dad
sweet potatoes-dad
macaroni salad-kelly
dinner rolls-kelly
lemon meringue pie-me
angel food cake-me
iced tea

What is for dinner at your house on Sunday??
Happy Easter everyone!!


  1. Nothing as delicious sounding as all that!!!
    Especially lemon meringue pie!

  2. Your meal sounds delicious! And your table is gorgeous!

    Since it will be my son's birthday he gets to pick the meal,he picked fried chicken breast. That is it, and he is will be 22. He likes them on bread or a bun for a sandwich. For the rest of us who would like a bit more..

    Ham, I won a spiral sliced ham from the grocery store.
    Scalloped potatoes and just old regular green beans.

    Ice cream and the birthday Cake not sure what kind yet, he gets to pick. I am betting he will pick a homemade not box German Chocolate cake, not iced, it is his favorite.

  3. that sounds yummy! nothing at my house, we'll be going to my parents! woo hoo!

  4. Yummmy I'll be right over!!
    Since it just the two of us we are going simple.....ham steak, twice baked potatoes, candied carrots, deviled eggs, salad and Peanut Butter Parfait Dessert.

    May you all have a wonderful Easter!! He is Risen!


  5. Sounds so good!
    Here is what we are having: ham, mashed potatoes, hash brown potatoe cassarole, turkey breast and stuffing(requested by Chris) kolbasi, saurkrout,deviled eggs,green beans, peas and birthday cake and ice cream!
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  6. WEll, ham, chicken salad, mac salad, cheesey potatoes,relish tray, baked beans, homemade rolls, birhtday cake, pumpkin pie, cherry cheese cake, deviled eggs, I know there is more that I am forgetting but then there will be almost 30 of us this year, Dianntha

  7. The table is gorgeous! We are having a lunch with my daughter and grandchildren.

  8. Oh, this sounds so good...I love ham!
    Anyway, we will be going out for a Sunday Brunch...as we are staying in a motel for the holidays.

  9. What a fun tablescape! We're having dinner at Melissa's house - I have to come up with some kind of fun appetizer and I'm making the rolls. Happy Easter!!

  10. Kim,
    Hope you're having a wonderful day with your family!

    My Mom and I kind of got our messages mixed up. I told her early last week that I didn't know what we were doing yet and I would get back to her. The next day I told her we could come...via e-mail because she and I don't get to talk on the phone much during the week. Well, she didn't read it or got confused because she thought we weren't coming. I talked to her this morning and said I would see her at 5pm and she was like, "What?!" My step dad wasn't feeling well yesterday when she went to shop and he called her, so she went home and said that they would have a simple meal, no big deal. So, they weren't planning on us coming! I got a beef roast out and thawed it and threw it in after lunch. We ate supper about two hours ago...roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli and noodles in beef broth. It was delicious and just what we needed. We're tired of ham! We have Reese's Blizzard Ice cream cake, a regular cake and ice cream here from the last few days...so we have plenty of dessert :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful Easter!


  11. Thank God we are having reservations today I didn't wanna cook.. Happy Easter Kim...

  12. The table looked inviting and so did that menu. We pretty much stuffed ourselves with the same fixins. LOL

  13. I want to come to YOUR house for dinner. Man-o-live!
    I cheated, we ate out. I played the pregnancy card big time! HA!