Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just some CHit CHat

I know I promised to decide what I was doing for a giveaway over the weekend. Well, let's say that thought didn't occur till last night. I should have know that a holiday weekend was not the best time to get real creative. We had a great Easter dinner at dad's. Sorry I don't have any pics to post. You guessed right, I forgot the camera at home. Maybe I forgot it because we had to load ham, a crockpot of homemade noodles, liters of pop, take the dog out and feed the cats before we ever got to leave the driveway. We also tilled on Saturday afternnon and after Easter dinner. I know we shouldn't have on Sunday but the tiller was not ours and we wanted to get it back as promised.

Right now, it is raining outside and very dreary; not the kind of spring day that I want to see.

I made homemade angel food cake last night( I didn't get it made for Easter, we had cupcakes instead). Let's just say I am glad I didn't make it on Easter. It was a DUD. I just don't have the knack for making that kind of cake from scratch. Ya know, everyone has something that they are not good at. Well, angel food cake has me beat right now. :)

My hostas are coming up like crazy right now. and so is the clematis. I will get some pics this afternoon so later this summer there is something to compare it to.

Yesterday I stopped into the local Goodwill and left emptyhanded. There was not one thing I thought I wanted. Most of the stuff was left over Christmas decorations( um, this is April) and mismatched plates that were not my style. Maybe another trip to Columbus thrift stores is in the near future.

Have you signed up for the Lowe's garden club and newsletter? If not, head on over, last year I received free garden scissors, free gloves and 3 coupons for $10.00 off $25.00 purchases. :)


And Home Depot also has a great garden club, you will also receive coupons, and last year I got free plant markers.


I promise to get busy on a giveaway project real soon.


  1. Sorry about the cake...probably tasted great though! I have a terrible time making rice crispy treats...I've never been able to get them right!

  2. i've had things like that turn out bad for me too. everything from a cake to a main dish. lol. on the nights it's a main dish we say oh well let's order pizza, lol!

  3. For me it's biscuits - can't make 'em to save my life. They turn out like hockey pucks. Glad you had a good Easter!