Saturday, July 12, 2008

halfway through.............

Halfway through............ the weekend!!
Geez, I can't believe it!! lol
I went shopping on Thursday and found so many goodies!! If you have never been to Countryside Finds in Seville, Ohio and you HAVE vendor's ID. You need to stop in!! They are a wonderful bunch of gals to work with.
Not only do they have great bargains( everything in the warehouse is 50% off), but that place is so warm and welcoming. there is cold drinks, coffee and snacks for you to enjoy and CLEAN bathrooms! I dont know about you, but I hate going somewhere that has dirty bathrooms. We spent four hours there shopping.

Okay, okay enough of me advertising.lol

Friday and today I spent yard saling, thrift store shopping and working on my summer swaps.
I had three swaps to send out this coming week and they are all boxed and ready to go.I sure hope the gals like them.
Um, I was going to show a pic, BUT I dont want anyone seeing the goodies in advance. Sorry!!

Be back soon,


  1. Never been there Kim and I have a vendors license. Where else did you go? Are you gonna show us what you bought?


  2. Kim,
    Thank You for such a lovely compliment and for visiting my blog, i have posted a pic of a cage doll on my blog, if ya'd like to see one. Hope all is well for you in you little part of these United States, and sure is nice to meet ya!!!
    Many Prim Hugs to ya!!!