Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm late- Whatcha working on Wednesday

Sorry, I am late in posting. I have been busy all day. I am preparing for a yard sale Saturday and a family reunion on Sunday. This family reunion is on my mom's side. We have a craft auction to help pay for paper supplies, facility, etc. It is really alot of fun! I am working on a planter chair. I am going to paint it white( well, off white). not sure what to plant in it. Should I go with annuals, mums( since fall is approaching), herbs or what?? hmmmm.............
What is your opinion??

Be back tomorrow for show and tell, I have a few things to post. :)


  1. How Cute!! I'd go with Mums, Can you find them this early though? I'm looking at magazines that have them already so I'm now in the mood for fall...LOL...Please show a pic when you have it finished!

    Take Care,

  2. thanks heather!! i wll post a pic when i get it done. :)