Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday's show and tell

Justina at http://pepercreekgatherings.blogspot.com/ is having a giveaway , hurry over!!!

Today I have a few photos to share with you.
The first one being , my simmer pot. ;) I know a few of you have the candle warmers( I have one too, somewhere, lol)but my favorite is this simmer pot. I think it does the best job. I either use melts/tarts in it or if I find a good candle at the thrift stores or yard sales, I will break it up into smaller chunks and use that. I bought this particular pot at a yard sale for $2.00. I love the pretty scene on it. as you can tell, its WELL USED! ;)
My favorite place to get melts is
Tara has great scents, cool molds and great service!
The cast iron and chunky star melts are my faves right now.

Second on my picture list is one of the back of my storage building. Here are some Black eyed susans, my little old gate that says, "simplify" and an old light holder. There aren't many who see it, but I know its there and that makes it all good.

The 'ol picket fence. I added this piece of fencing a few years ago, then came the flowers and then the old tool implements.

My first canna bloom! This was the orange canna that I received on my birthday. I can't believe it has grown this much and bloomed in a month!! The large burgundy plants around it are also cannas . I cant wait to see them bloom too!

Close up of canna bloom

Okay, come on . post your show and tell.



  1. I love your blacked-eyed susans and that old picket fence. Very cute!

  2. Kim, hey I saw where you can dry the black eyed susans and then have them for fall.

    Love the canas they are gorgeous.


  3. The fences are cute and your flowers are looking great! Mine look horrible! The heat and my neglect are showing but at this point I'm not sure if I really care! LOL

    I was looking at new tart melters last night. I want an electric one and really like the punched tin and especially like the newer Paul Revere style because the wax is contained in the top. I know someone will spill it! I also checked out Tara to see what all she had because I hear so many good things about her yummy tarts! I'm just waiting for good old payday tomorrow. I really could buy today but I tell myself to wait for payday! LOL

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Kim ~ I love how your black eyed susans look. One of my favorites.
    thank you for viewing my witches, I can definitly make a tag with the Something Wicked poem

  5. Just snip them off tie the stems together and hang in a warm dry place. I did that with my lavender and am going to try some queens ann lace too. I use my attic (but I know you don't have one) but garage maybe.


  6. Hi Kim,
    Love that long fence of yours and the black eyed susans, sadly mine didn't come up this year for some reason:( your canas look wonderful!
    I have the punched tin tart warmer but don't burn it when the grandaughters are here.

  7. Everything looks Awesome Kim!

  8. thanks all!!
    special thanks to mary for the helpful drying tip.

  9. I love your yard and garden. And that part with the fence and black-eyed susans, I could just sit out there all day!!