Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Inquiring minds..........

What are you doing today??
I have laundry going, need to run the sweeper and decide on something for supper.
What are you fixing?
I was planning on watering this morning bright and early, but woke up at 5am to rain and thunder. Thats a good thing!! The yard and plants needed a drink badly.
We are planning on having a yard sale this Saturday. Things are piling up and I really need to declutter. I also was asked by a local shop to make some dolls for the owner to purchase. This lady is really into primitives so deciding on what to make should be easy, its just making the time to sew. I have made a few dolls for other local shops and really enjoy it, plus, the extra income is always nice too. lol
Remember me telling you about the cream colored curtains I bought over the weekend? Well, I am thinking of tea staining them. Have any of you tea stained large items like this? How would I do it? I am used to tea staining small projects and dolls so am wondering which is the best way for larger things.
Don't forget that tomorrow is "whatcha working on Wednesday", so get those projects out. ;)

Oh, before I go. check out this soap by Rustic Cottage( tell her Kim @ simple needs sent ya).
I think I may have to splurge and get me some of the sugared lime. It sounds wonderful!!!


  1. I sure wish we would get some rain! :)

    Sorry, I've never tea stained anything, so no pointers but I would love to see your curtains if you do stain them!

  2. I would think you could do it the same as the small things you've tea dyed. I'd love to see them when you are done too:)

  3. How are the yard sale preparations going? I am usually discouraged. Earlier this summer, we decluttered my daughter's closet and made just $42.00. Good luck, and I hope it goes alot better for you!

  4. Hi, thank you for the comment on my Blog:
    You mentioned that you would try using peat moss or straw would you add that to the concrete mix?
    I'm going to add you to my blog list.

  5. I coffee stained my curtains. Actually, I made the curtains first, lol, then I coffee stained them. I just multiplied the amount I use for small items & filled up the kitchen sink full. My mom has done a quilt before & she brewed a large batch of tea & let it soak in the tub! Give it a try! :)
    Good luck on the yard sale, too!!!

  6. Hey Kim,
    I have used coffee instead of tea on large things, because it seems to be stronger. But I always have to wash it to get the odor out once it is set with the dryer on high or a hot iron. If you rewash it, use the gentle cycle on the shortest setting.

  7. thanks for all the tips in staining.
    cheryl, yes, i would add it to the concrete mix. i think it would give it a rougher look....

  8. I tea stained some curtains once in a big bucket. Just make a larger batch like someone else said.