Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall, A Giveaway & Pretend party...

I have a couple pics to post of yard sale finds but for someone reason they are not cooperating. I got these pics to post though. hmm. I will try again tomorrow.
First, this is a pic of my "signs of fall". That means it will be here soon! Can we have a Fall party?? I am so loving it!!

I was going to go to the fair this evening and watch the rough truck contest but changed my mind. I have felt kinda crappy all day- just a headache and blah feeling. Anyways, I will feel better tomorrow. :)
This is the pic of the great goodies that my friend Lisa, http://blacksheepprims.blogspot.com/
is having. Now let me tell ya, I know I have alot of blogs on my list, but hers is one of my faves. I met her on a forum and am so glad to have her as a friend.
Please stop over and sign up................. and make sure you wish her happy 21 st birthday!!!!

I worked on a couple Halloween projects over the weekend. I will wait and show you those on Wednesday. I sure am hoping that I can get to post my yard sale finds tomorrow. I didn't get alot but what I did get was pretty cool.
Before I leave, I mentioned above about a Fall party...hmmmm...........
Just pretend if you were having a Fall party, what would you use?
We need to decorate the porch to greet guests.

and the table....... beautiful candles, seasonal dinnerware and lots of great conversation

and to eat??
butternut squash lasagna, french bread, and salad.

pics borrowed from flickr

It's your turn .. what would you use for the perfect Fall party?
See ya tomorrow,


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog--I looked at your post of the chocolate sin--oh, that looks so evilly good!! I will have to make it. I'm glad fall is on its way, too. Julie

  2. Love the idea of your fall party. I will think about it and chime in too. lol Dianntha

  3. Can't wait to see the goodies for tomorrows post!

  4. love all the pics kim~what time is the party? lol