Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Ventures.........

Angie from http://sugarplumpatch.blogspot.com/ has tagged me and gave me an award!!

Thanks so much Angie!!

I posted the award a couple days ago , so I am just gonna post the six random things about me.

1. I love peanut butter on pancakes !!! well, I don't actually put the peanut butter on the pancakes but on the side of the plate. Before you cut a bite of pancake, get a little peanut butter on your fork,THEN head for the pancake and lots of syrup. :)

2. I have 2 sisters and a brother. All of our initials are the same- (K.R.D.)after our dad, Kenneth Ray. Our names are Kimberly Renae, Karla Rae, Kevin Ray and Kelly Rochelle

3. When I was little, my dream was to be a cowgirl. Thank goodness I changed my mind, otherwise my horse would surely be swaybacked from my big butt! :)

4. I have Duane Syndrome. You can read about it here.

5. I am so envious of those girls that make the altered art jewelry. I would love a very cool bracelet like some I have seen.

6. My dream is to have a small little cottage done in primitives. but I want it to be prims in the shades of cream, taupe and caramel. :)

Yesterday we had our last yard sale of the year. I was surprised at how well we did!! We had listed it as a "no early birds" sale. Okay , so tell me why we had folks here at 8am , when the ad clearly stated 9am-1pm??
So, a neighbor was trying to hold them back while we finished getting all the goodies ready. The excuse was they hadn't seen the ad in the paper to know it was no early birds. Um, hello,, then how the heck did they know about the sale??!! Sounded fishy to me..lol
Anyways, this morning my dad called me to let me know I jinxed him. My coffee pot had quit working on wednesday and I hadn't bought a new one( I was hoping to find a decent one while thrifting), so I borrowed his spare. This morning his quit working. so, I made a trip to Walmart, picked me up one, so I can give his back.

(photo from walmart site)

On to other things,

We went and picked apples this afternoon at my aunt's house. After last weeks storm there were alot that needed gathered. We are going to get out the old cider press this week and make some cider. Last year we mixed apples and pears and it was awesome!! No, we don't pasteurize it...
and no one has ever gotten ill.

I am planning on making some pies this week with the ones I brought home. You can drop by for pie and coffee any morning. ;)

While I was at Walmart today , I picked up a loaf of their gourmet pumpkin bread. I liked it with a glass of milk, but tomorrow morning we are going to use it to make pumpkin french toast!! Yum!!! I think it will be awesome!

Tonight , I made stuffed peppers and sourdough bread for supper. I have been in such a mood to cook lately.:)
Have you noticed anything about my blog?
Well, I took the music off. I did it for two reasons. one , I had some folks say it was harder to load with the music if you have dial up.
Two, it was driving me crazy when I would click to read other blogs and I would hear their music and my own. so, I was thinking , if it was bothering me, then it was probably bothering others. I will probably leave it off for a while.
I think I got all my swaps sent out this week. I am hoping so anyways. We were without power a few times after the storm. Things were a little hectic. I am thinking I may have forgot to put a money order in one for shipping. but, if I did , I know she will give me a holler and it will be in the mail. The reason why I am thinking i forgot to send the shipping fee is cause I had gotten a card to put it in and I still have the card above the viser. but, I can't find the money order, so who knows..... ever have one of those ditzy spells??

Oh, I picked up a few things from the thrift store Saturday evening......... got to get some pics of them too.
Have a great evening. Kim


  1. Nice blog!

    A pleasure to view!
    take care,


  2. Nice blog!

    A pleasure to view!
    take care,


  3. It was so nice to learn a bit more about you! Your dream cottage sounds so wonderful! I bet the apple cider is sooo good. I would love some so bad with some pumpkin doughnuts in the morning!
    blessings, Angie

    P.S. I haven't put music on my blog for that very reason! I love the music but I can't seem to listen and read at the same time! LOL!

  4. I like the color change on your blog too!! Your dream cottage sounds awesome!! I have a friend who's daughter has DS. Its neat you all have the same initials!! We went apple picking this weekend, its awesome you can make your own apple cider!! Have a great night!~Wendy

  5. Kim,
    Sounds like you had a great fall weekend :)

    What is it with people not reading things anyway? I guess they didn't get the "early bird" part or maybe they just thought that you didn't want them there at 6 or 7, so 8am was okay? LOL I have a "whoopsy" story like that....almost 9 years ago I had twins halfway through my pregnancy. It was too early for the doctors to be able to do anything to save them, so they lived an hour. My Mom had people congratulating her at work on the birth of her new grandbabies! The ONLY way they knew about the twins was they read about it in the OBITUARY section in the newspaper! Stupid people!

    Somedays I'm not up for music and then, well, I just turn the speaker off! LOL Actually ours is turned off every morning and I don't turn it on until I feel like it. You can also pause the music if you don't feel like listening to it.....I honestly don't really have music on my blog that I listen to the most. I like the songs that are on there but I don't just listen to country music. I just figured some people wouldn't want to hear my other faves! LOL

    Have a great day!


  6. Hi Kim,
    Glad to see everything is good with you, glad to hear your yard sale went good. I feel the same way about the music sometimes!

    take care,

  7. Love the cider press! Some friends of ours have one just like that, and they have a fall get together every year and always have apples on hand to make cider with :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm glad you liked it, come again!