Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ten Things I Love about Fall................

I was visitng Rondelle's blog http://rondell-tomatoecreekprims.blogspot.com/and seen the post on her ten favorite Fall things and thought I would share mine too. :).

1. The beautiful assortment of colored leaves. I thank God for the wonderful gifts such as this.

2. Chilly nights and the bluest skies. I love the idea of fresh air coming in the wondows instead of the a/c. The color of skies in the autumn are a deeper blue.

3. The smell of wood smoke . The idea that families are home sitting by a fire and all is good in life.

4. Afternoon light. When the sun rides close to the horizon and the light slants in from the side, the trees blaze. I love that light, even though it means it'll be night soon.

5. Sweats and hoodies and socks. Fall clothes are comfy -- at least mine are -- and yet it's not cold enough for a coat.

6. The rustling of leaves as they scatter on the ground with the blowing wind.

7. Fall food- crisp, tart apples, pumpkin pie, fresh( real) apple cider, and homemade donuts

8. Hearing the crowd cheer and the band play at high school football games. It brings back such great memories of growing up.

9. Driving by pumpkin patches literally exploding with big orange pumpkins

10. Watching little ones playing in big piles of leaves. I remember my girls jumping in the leaves over and over again. I miss those times so much.


  1. Looove the 10 fav list, hmmm can I come up with 10??? :)

    I'll go try on my blog!

    Hope all is well with you!
    There's such renewal in the coming of a brand new season!

  2. Thank you for the very sweet award!

    Love all your autumn thoughts. You know, you're never too old to jump in those leaves yourself! And I love the wood smoke smell, too!


  3. I love your list. I too miss seeing my children jumping in leaves and all the laughter..m..

  4. Oh .... I love fall too! It's my favorite season!

    I was just surfin' the blogs and stopped by for a visit. I wanted to say Hi and nice Blog!


  5. Ditto! I love all of those things about fall too.