Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday night..........

Thursday night..........
I just got home a while ago . I have thought about posting all day and didn't.
I put out my flag this morning before I left.
I have thought much about those whose lost their lives on 9/11. I wonder what they would be doing now if things would have been different? I wonder what they would say to us if they would have made it out?
-do you ever wonder what the people thought of when they jumped from the tower?
were they scared? did they ask God to save them? did they decide that those last minutes of life was their last attempts of what control they had??

- or how brave the terrorists must of thought of those who attempted to over take them on the plane. did they think that maybe these Americans were braver than anyone thought? did they think maybe we shouldnt have messed with such an awesome country?? I hope they realized how true in spirit we really are. I wish they , the terrorists , could have had the chance to say, "hey , lets not mess with these Americans!" Maybe we wouldnt have had to go to war, maybe things overseas wouldnt be how they are. Our soldiers could be home. the terrorists. being the cowards that they are, could be cowering in their own cowardly country.

I think of all the emergency personnel that rushed to New York, PA, and Washington DC. I hope they know how awesome I think they are, how awesome we should ALL think they are!!
They had no clue if they were placing thier lives in harm's way but they did it anyway. why?? Because thats what we do in this country. We look out for one another.
I ask you all to think of those like Mary,http://gettysburghomestead.blogspot.com/ ,who is off to the south to help with the storm devastation. Her and many others have left their families to help other families.
Tonight , and every night as you sit down at home with your family, please take a moment and think how lucky you are. Think of those who are not with their families, whether for a few days, weeks,months. or like those victims of 9/11,who are gone forever from their families.


  1. I agree...I salute all those who has and still serve our country today!

  2. I hear you. My thoughts were with those families all day. I'll never forget 9/11, ever.
    Peace, Jenn