Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Finds .............

Yea!! I got the yard sale goodies to post !! lol
I didnt find a whole bunch this past weekend. Partly because of alot of folks are involved in the fair and the weather didn't cooperate much.
I found-
1.a bag of polyfill $1.00
2. whole set of stackable glass bowls $2.00. there is nine of them. the smallest one is only big enought to hold a tea bag. I have never seen a set of bowls like that.
3. a large and HEAVY cutting block. $1.00 . It has legs on it so I think I will make a table bench out of it. :)
4. monster soap dispenser 25 cents. it is going to my mom. she changes out her soap dispensers to match the seasons. lol
5. very old garland 25 cents for both boxes. the bottom of the box says 1969. I thought I might use it for altered art projects.

My favorite find! I got this scarecrow for $3.00. he is five foot tall. I know he looks short in the pic but I am sitting on the hood of my Explorer. I need to change some of the raffia on him and probably add a new bandana around his neck. Otherwise, I love him!! He made me smile. See, the cat in the right hand corner?? She thinks she is hiding..... lol

Bittersweet anyone?? I found this growing up the side of an old building in town. I hopped out with the trusty snips and got a few sprigs. Its going to be used in one of my crocks. best of all it was free.

Wait till you see what I am posting for Wednesday..
Enjoy life,


  1. Hello sweet girl!! I got my fall goodies in the mail today. Thank you so much! I just love them. ((HUGS))

    That scarecrow is huge and what a buy! Oh, how I wish to come across some bittersweet. It looks so great spread all over the place. Have a great week!

  2. What a steal on that scarecrow! You gotta love deals like that! (I wouldn't know - no such thing around here! That's why I make everything!) Come over to "my place" and see the scarecrows I'm working on... upcoming sales the next two weekends.
    Blessings, Kimberly

  3. Gosh Kim you got some wonderful goodies.

    I sure do wish bittersweet grew wild down here. I would love to have some of my own.

  4. Wow all kinds of great finds... Oh yeah I say change up a few things on the scarecrow for that kind of money.


  5. awesome stuff kim~love the bittersweet too!

  6. that is some good stuff....Love that scarecrow! Beth

  7. Thought I would chime in on the glass bowls. They are for baking - put your ingredients in each bowl baking powder, flour, cinnamon, eggs, etc. then you are all measured out and reay to bake. I have a set and use them all the time!

    When I was a kid we picked bittersweet and sold it to the grocery stores. I haven't seen any in twenty years.

  8. That looks like a Mountain Ash, I could be wrong tho. Bittersweet is a viney bush that starts out with green berries. When the pods open they have a yellow shin, with orange/red berries inside. I have pictures on my blog of bittersweet:) I could send you some seeds if you like, no way to tell if they are male/female tho. Great finds, love the scarecrow

  9. Nice finds. I like the scarecrow a lot, too! He's my favorite and what a great price!

    Have a great day! :)

  10. Love all them goodies, girly!!
    HEy i love that about me being 21!!
    LOL. Hugs My Friend!!