Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gifting AND Recycling

How many times have you spent hours or days looking for the perfect gift for someone special?
and how much did you overspend? how many presents have you received in the past and you "passed" them on?

I have done this so many times, overspending and being so worn out from shopping that it was crazy!
This year I have decided to make more or buy more homemade gifts since the economy isn't the greatest , and neither is my budget, lol .
Today I went to a craft bazaar at a local senior citizen apartment complex. I got a knitted hat and fingerless glove set. The knit set was going to be a gift. did you notice I said WAS? I tried on the hat and gloves and I am in love!!

All these homemade crafts that I have been posting and the ones I have bought today have really got me thinking . I am going to continue making "homemades" AND to incorporate recycling at the same time.
Here are a few links and pics of great ideas for gift giving AND RECYCLING.

cashmere bunny ( from old thrift store sweaters)

cake/display stands ( from old plates and parfait glasses or candle sticks)

designer tote ( created from a canvas grocery bag- I see them at the thrift stores all the time!)

baby food jar nighlights ( those are the little LED tealights in the jar and paper covered paper cups!!)

tissue box cover (I can see this in some felted wool-like those wool pants you found at the thrift store? with an awesome prim stitching on the sides)

lip balm cozy - so cute!! check out the tutorial!

Need to know how to reuse or reclaim wool clothing?http://featheredfibers.wordpress.com/2007/09/22/current-projects/

I hope you are enjoying the weekend. :)


  1. Well who'd have thought???
    Those ideas realy are rippers.
    I used to have atonne of baby food jars.
    Never seen the led tea candles

  2. Great ideas. May your week be filled to the brim with happiness...m..

  3. Homemade items are always the best gifts...those are the ones made from the heart...and not made to make someone rich!
    And I am so into recycling that I was amazed at all the new ideas that you posted,
    Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas - I really want to make cashmere bunnies this year, but it will probably have to wait - so many ideas, so little time!


  5. Kim~I almost forgot to mention that I have an award for you. Stop on over and visit me to pick it up!
    You are very deserving of this award!


  6. Wow--all wonderful ideas...thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  7. I just stumbled on your blog, and I love your ideas and creativity! Thanks for the great posts, and I'll be back watching what you have to post in the future!

  8. What terrific ideas. I think I'll make up some of those lights this weekend. Wouldn't they be cute on the mantel among the Christmas decorations? Thanks

  9. I love all of these ideas, especially the bunnies. I have the perfect sweater to do this too and two lovely nieces in the UK who would love them.