Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Morning post..........

Good Sunday morning!

Did you remember to set your clock BACK??
One year I did forget. I was at work an hour early. Trust me, that didn't happen again. :)

I got up early this morning; doing laundry, dealing with a cat who for some reason has stopped using the litter box and no he isn't sick. He is a little brat! lol
He prefers to do his business on the floor. ggrrrr....................

Anyways, back to the laundry. I have one load to go and it is done till tomorrow morning. I also baked 3 loaves of apple cinnamon bread. Got to tell ya , it is yummy!! Nope, I don't have a recipe. The bread is made from a mix, yes, I said a mix. lol

I picked up three boxes (country value brand apple cinnamon bread) at Big Lots. They are $1.80 each. so much better than the $4.86 a loaf for gourmet bread at Walmart.
Plus, my house smells divine right now. :)

I thought some of you might be interested in this freebie for business cards. I ordered some for my blog. My thinking was they would be great to include with swaps, giveaways and even sending a card. :)
quote fronm their site..........
"Just select any of our business card designs. When you are done, you will be able to put a single order of 10 cards in your cart. Standard shipping will be free, just like it is for all our orders.Note: only one order of free cards per customer."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We went and helped a local family yesterday. We still need to finish their bathroom floor. You could not step in front of the tub, that's how bad it was. The mom actually went through it up to her ankle last week. They are checking the local carpet places for some leftover/discarded floor covering to put over the new plywood.
I know that alot of people have it bad these days. But, when it is in your face, it's a real reality check. They have four young children ( all are under 8). They don't have much and the house is not the best. Things are worn but it was clean.
Two of their girls came home with me to pick up a level and extra screws. They asked if I had any peanut butter for sandwiches. We took two jars and four loaves of bread back to their house. You would have thought I gave them gold! Those two little girls ran in the house exclaiming that THEY brought some food home to help out. I went back outside and cried.
My girls have no idea what it is like to be humgry or go without. No child should ever have to know that feeling in this country!
I told the mom that I would show her how to make some curtains, pillows , etc.
Last night when we got home I posted on freecycle for a sewing machine,a tv and a bed. The kids have beds but the parents do not. The dad works fulltime but the money just isn't enough. There is no tv in the house . I have a bunch of educational VHS movies and an old vcr. If someone offers a TV they can at least have the movies to watch. It doesn't even matter what size.
Keep thinking good thoughts that someone will email me with these things.


  1. Oh, what a touching story, I applaud your kindness to help others in need...and I do pray that someone on freecycle will come through for you...
    Hugs and prayers sweet lady

  2. OMW... that bread looks totally yummy!!! Mmmmmmm!!!

    And I too applaud your helping that family. I have done similar when I meet someone who can really use the help. It makes you feel good and it means the world to them.


  3. That just breaks my heart. God bless you for helping them so..I know you are an angel to them! I'll keep them in my prayers. Have a wonderful day! <3Lauren

  4. I agree that was a very touching story!

    Makes me realize I need to do more for people.

    You are a very kind person and I am so glad you shared your story! It was an eye opener!

  5. Kim...
    Your an awesome angel!!! Where are you located dear... anywhere close to me??? I have all kinds of extra furniture!!! Some end tables... I have a queeen size bed frame!!! No mattress thou. (a black metal... and a wooden one) Let me know if I can help dear!!
    I hope your having a wonderful day!!!

  6. Bread looks yummy! I too have a cat who won't go in the litter box. But he is about 18 years old. But still, if it is in the least bit dirty, forget it.

  7. Oh, Kim - your story made me want to cry. I wish we were closer - I have a sewing machine I don't have time to use right now, and a large box of fabric. Surely someone in your area will have something similar.

    Thanks for the timely reminder of how lucky we all are.


  8. Kim, I enjoyed your post so much.
    The bread looks absolutely devine! I can almost smell it!

    What a wonderful Christian thing to do helping the family in need.

    Bless all of you.

  9. That was a very touching story!!! I am so glad that there is still good people out there to help out!!!! I remember when I was about 12, my dad got a "very nice" bonus check around Christmas. My parents, my brother and I went shopping for a local family of 7 (including parents) and bought them so many things that they couldnt afford for their children. I never got to see their faces, but I could just imagine waking up Christmas morning, not expecting much, and bam! there is more than they could of thought of!! =] I hope I can instill helping others in my girls!! =]

  10. oh this is sooo touching! What about craigslist? could you post an ad on there? I hope someone comes through for them! I'm so happy you helped the repair the floor. It truly does take a village to raise a child!