Thursday, November 20, 2008

GOod THursday Morning

Good morning all.
Sorry I haven't been around the last few days but things have been busy, busy at my house. :)
I have been working on a few sewing projects and trying to clean a little. After being sick with the flu last week; this place needed some serious cleaning!
I did go ahead and take down the Fall decorations that were outside. We thought about leaving them up till after Thanksgiving but since we have had snow, it just didnt look right out there. :)
Next step is the Christmas decor. Hopefully, I can get a start on it this weekend.

Have you started decorating ??

On to crafting news.............
A cute craft for you to try.


I made a prim santa for a friend and she had it displayed on her mantle. Well, another of her friends came to visit and really liked it. This lady owns a bed & breakfast. She asked if I could make ten of them for her to display and sell!! WooHoo!! I am sooo happy!! She is paying upfront so no consignment stuff. This money is really going to come in handy for christmas. :)
I have one santa to go , deadline isn't till 11/26 so I am ahead of schedule. :)
Anyone waiting on goodies from me? Well, they are ALL in the mail!!
It really got me behind being sick, but I have been busting butt to get caught up.

Looking for a freebie 2009 calendar??
check out the ones from Betty Crocker

Now I am off to read what you all have been doing the last few days. :)


  1. Kim,
    I'm sorry that you were sick, also! It's miserable! I cleaned before, during and after so I hope things are safe by now. I was so tired of smelling cleaning stuff. Shane said that the very smell of Lysol makes him want to throw up! LOL

    I love that reindeer! I may have to try that since I'm all into wool right now...if I can put down the stitching first! LOL

    Have a great day :)


  2. Cute reindeer, and hooray for the Santa sales! :) We'll hope for a few more like that!


  3. Kim,
    I"m glad you are feeling better! Love the reindeer! I Have gotten all my decorations out and I am putting them up. Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi Kim!
    Glad you're feeling better...thanks for visiting me, -I was starting to think I put the wrong address on the box :)hehe, wouldn't surprise me!!
    Enjoy your day, girl!
    thanks for sharing all these ideas!


  5. Hurray for up front orders!!! Double Hurray for ahead of schedule!

  6. Hi Kim, I noticed youve been away - but glad to hear that youre feeling better! love the reindeer. I found a wonderful jar and bought it all ready for altered jars, an idea I saw here last week! thanks for all your ideas! now to find the time......lol...cant wait to see your christmas decos!

  7. So sorry to hear you were sick. Yuck!! Thanks for the little deer pattern. Very cute.

  8. I like your reindeer and am so happy about your order! That is wonderful news.

    I signed up for those calendars ~ free recipes ~ yeah! Thanks a bunch.