Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WHatcha WOrking On WEdnesday-getting busy...

Washer is running, (and so is the dryer). Got to do up a few dishes, feed the cats , the dog. sweep floors.... and do more crafting! I have 2 santas left to finish in a swap I joined. There were 10 gals to send to from the Prim & Rustic board at Delphi forums. Come one over, join the group and check out the wonderful webpage( lots of tutorials, photo galleries and great tips).

and I want to make rag ornies.......

They are very easy to make.
Inspiration came from a quilt book.
All you need is a foam ball, glue, fabric, thread, and sewing pins (pins with a ball head on the top). Start by wrapping strips of fabric around the ball, glueing each end of the fabric strip to the ball. Once you are done, place one pin into the ball leaving part of it sticking out.
Tie a long piece of thread onto the pin and start wrapping the thread around the ball making any design you want.
This also helps keep the fabric onto the ball.
Then tie the thread onto the pin and press the pin completely into the ball.
You can add as many pins & thread as you want. try doing two, one going vertical and one horizontal.
Then get a strip of fabric and glue & pin it onto the ball.
All done!


  1. Love the ornaments! They will give me something to do to take my mind off of "current events"... Thanks for sharing!:) Lori

  2. I love making rag balls! i use the styrofoam balls, too. It is so much quicker! I have one of those huge mason jars full of them. Have a great day! ~Beth~

  3. How clever! I have made rag balls before but never thought to use them as ornament. I love it!


  4. Very cute, Kim! I've made them before, but every time I do, my cat somwhow get into them and has a hayday! So... no more rag balls for me!

  5. Cewl project! never seen those done that way before, thank you for sharing with us Ü

  6. Ohh fer cute, wish I had some styrofoam balls :D

  7. oh i love those ornies! :)


  8. what a super cute idea!!! LOVE IT!!!

  9. I made rag ornaments in the past by using just scraps of fabric and gluing it on. I like them but I think I like the look of the wrapped better and using pins and then the thread to hold it all on is just really neat. I will have to try this :) Thanks for sharing!


  10. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. When I get to make these cute lil' ornies I'll post a pic for you to see. I LOVE this idea!!!