Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little History & A Christmas Tour

Gee, it sure is rainy outside right now.
I wanted to come on and see what everyone has been up to.
Lots of folks are putting up their trees and getting ready for the holiday season. :)
As soon as I am done decorating I will be posting some decorating photos too. :)

I want to tell you about the great afternoon I had.

First, yesterday while at the library making copies I picked up a little paper about a Christmas tour at the Kennedy Stone House museum and thought it might be interesting to go see.
I called my sister, Karla and met her at the ranger's station. The stone house is in the Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge, Ohio.
The Kennedy Stone House is only about a half hour from me , yet, this was my first visit.
I am so in awe of the place!! I cannot believe this treasure was right under my nose!
We had a great afternoon despite the rain. I took lots of pics and wanted to share some with you. The entire place was decorated for Christmas. There was hot cider, ginger cookies, a musician, and guided mini tours inside the home. The Christmas tree was wonderful and so prim!

KENNEDY STONE HOUSE TOUR ( click on the title)

History of the Stone House (click for more history)
"Benjamin Kennedy at the age of 23 in 1837 purchased an 80 acre tract of land on Sugar Creek and commissioned the building of a stone house. The stone blocks, quarried on the property, were finely crafted and tightly fitted. The house and root cellar nearby cost 8600, a bargain, even in those days!!
Benjamin married Margaret Orr in 1842 and the Stone House was home to several generations of Scots-Irish Kennedy descendants until 1966 when the home and surrounding area were bought by the State of Ohio to facilitate the Salt Fork State Park. Signifying its importance, the House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. In 1 998 the Guernsey County Bicentennial Commission designated the Kennedy Stone House as
their legacy program.
In March of 1999, ten people formed a group with the goal of restoring the House.
The house has been restored, the summer kitchen built, herb garden planted, well dug, well house and privy built. A road has been cut into the property; landscaping and a Veterans Courtyard."

While we were there, we started talking to a lady who plays a very big part of the whole restoration. She asked us if we were interested in doing some volunteer .
Of course we were thrilled and said yes! My sister and I are going to be working on the flowers covering the root cellar this Spring. We are also going to be doing some primitives to be sold in the shop. I have lots of research to do on native plants, root cellars, etc.. I want this garden area to be spectacular!!!
ENJOY the slideshow . :)


  1. wow...That was really Beautiful.
    It all looked so Christmassy and I could almost smell the smells of the festive season.
    Beautiful photosand hows that window with a view,
    A tour like that has to get you feeling christmassy!

  2. Wow, places like this are just amazing! I loved the red stockings hanging on the mantel, and the dried orange slices were so pretty on the tree! I think it's inspired to me to break out the dehydrator this week! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Loved it all. I really miss the dried bittersweet used in some of the dried arrangements. I live in east central OK now and have yet to find it in our woods. Gathering wild bittersweet for holiday decorating was a favorite autumn outing in our Arkansas, Indiana and Kansas homes.

  4. Oh My Gosh! I live in Ohio and have never heard of this place!
    I live further than 30min. away, but I would still love to visit this place.
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. And the pictures were fantastic!
    Have a great Monday~