Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Pressing 101

WHEW! I think we are done with the apples. I took some pics of the last batch coming in. All total this season we made 40 gallons of cider. It may not sound like alot to someone with a bigger orchard but all that cider was from 10 trees. Plus, we ended up with 5 bushels to put up for winter and 3 bushels of "peelers". They are going to be canned or frozen in the next day or two.

I thought you might like to see a few pics of the Cider Press.
See the small wooden box at the top of the pic? That's where you put the apples in. The blades are located inside the box to grind the apples. Once ground up, they come out an opening and into the wood bucket below. The bucket is lined with a net bag so that when you "press the apples", the apple parts don't come through and into the juice.

Several years ago my "Uncle Squib" installed a motor on the press. There is no more turning to grind the apples. That was a time consuming part of the job, so I am glad for the motor. Uncle Squib, ( his real name-first and middle- was Wilbur Nelson- I don't think he liked it much ) :) passed away a few years ago. Let me tell ya, he is sorely missed. I know he smiled down on us making cider.:)

After the bucket is full of ground up apples, you put a lid on top and insert a metal pole. Then you turn the handle causing the lid to squish the juice out of the apples. The juice goes into a tray that has a hole in it. See the bucket (on the newspaper)catching the cider?
The juice is run through a filter twice before being put in bottles. This cider is pure juice. It is never diluted. Apple trees are not sprayed; we keep it organic..

After you get all the juice you can from a batch, you empty the wood bucket into the back of the wagon. Several neighbors come by to get the apple remains for farm stock.
Picture shows after dumping the first batch. By the time we were done, the wagon had been emptied four times.
Now, to get busy on peeling , slicing, cooking, freezing....... anyone want to help?? :)
I need to get at least one craft project done for Wednesday.
Be back soon, Kim
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  1. Oh...My... goodness! I wish we had one of those... there press, would make our job alot easier. Don't you just love this thyme of year even though it is ALOT of work???

    Thank you for sharing... Blessings 2 you on this AuTuMn DaY, Pamela

  2. What a blast from my past!
    We used to do that every fall with my DH's mom and dad.

    Since dad has past on, we just mainly stick to making apple butter!

    Thanks for sharing and congrats on the award!


  3. Haha! I just did that last Tuesday with my girls. :)

    We had went to a local orchid to purchase the apples ( lots of them) *gasp*

    We were making cider until the sun went down. So fun :)


  4. I enjoyed reading about how you make the cider with the apple press. I've only made apple jelly, apple butter, and dried apples for making pies. Of course....you have MANY more apples than I ever have gotten. It's alot of work but so worth it!

  5. Thank you for the fall decor award! That is sweet of you! Yum, wish I had some homemade apple cider!

  6. Love the apple press! The pics of the apples in the baskets look yummy! Thanks for taken us back!

  7. Thanks for playing along Kim, loved how you showed how the apples were made into cider.

  8. Kim, thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the award! Yum, I love apples & cider. I'll be back to read more of your blog.
    Annabelle :)