Thursday, October 30, 2008

ARe You REaDy??

It's that time again!! Time for trick or treaters!

I remember the excitement of dressing up, being outside in the dark and and hurrying house to house.
I felt the same excitement when my girls were young. It was so much fun! I have never thought of halloween being a bad thing.

We handed out 631 mini candy bars last year. That was one candy bar per child! I know you are probably thinking how in the heck can anyone afford that??!! Well, we all gather at my mom's for halloween. Everyone brings bags of candy bars and it goes into the big tub to hand out. The "candy givers" dress up too. Nothing scarey though, there are soo many little kids that no one wants to scare them. :)

There is coney dogs, sloppy joes, chips and cider for eating afterwards. :)

I figure this year there will be more kids!! The village my mom lives in is having trick or treating tonight( and its an hour and a half long) after the parade.
Our city is having a traditional trick or treat tomorrow evening.
They are very close and people will try to go from one area to another. This year they are getting lucky with it being on separate nights. :)
Let me tell ya, as soon as you get low on candy; you better get the porch light turned off!
I have some crafting to do laundry and need to get some pics of thrift store goodies.
See ya later.............. :)


  1. Dont ya just love trick or treat night? I usually stand out front in my driveway, and hand out candy from there (the dog goes too crazy with the doorbell ringing constantly) Our trick or treat night is tomorrow night and I have to work...so my son is gonna take over and stand outside and hand out the candy.

  2. The last time I handed out candy, I was still living at home! LOL We all go Trick-or-Treating together. Not that Jer and I dress up but the kids do and we go to MIL's and sometimes Jer's brother's, SIL's and their kids come and we all walk around the development together. It's a family thing. (Yes, it will be a treat considering we're not all talking! LOL)

    I remember my Dad always stayed home and my Mom took my brother and I out Trick-or-Treating alone. I don't want to do that, so people just miss on out getting candy from us....

    Have a great time with your family :)


  3. Sounds like a great time! I love the idea of your family all gathering at one house and then sharing a meal afterwards.

    WE don't get very many trick-or- treaters in my neighborhood...but that just means the ones who come get a lot of goodies!

    Have a fun, safe Halloween!

  4. Man, you guys sure hand out lots of candy! Have a great time - it sounds like you will, anyway!


  5. I wish we di Halloween here in Oz ,It'd be a blast for my kiddies.
    Too fun!

  6. I too have always like Hallowwn. I do the fall festivial type things. Nothing scary. I love to give the kids candy. I am making chilli and my husband is cooking on the grill. We have so much fun together and some of the Grands will be by for treats. Have so much fun and stay safe..m..

  7. I remember as a kid getting a pillowcase full of the greatest candy in the world! I lived, dreamed, and longed for that day to come!!!!! I'm in the country now and have no trick-or-treaters. I miss that! So. . . . . I eat the candy myself in remembrance of childhood!