Thursday, October 2, 2008

Did Ya Miss Me??? ........................

Hello Everyone!!

I am so sorry for not posting sooner but I have had alot going on. My dad is going for surgery next week, I went for a job interview on Ttuesday and I have been peeling apples like a mad woman. I still have 3 bushesl of apples waiting on me to do something with them. Do you have any good apple recipes?? :)

I missed Leslie's, " Whatcha Working on Wednesday", and that is a bummer. I really enjoy joining the gals on posting some new crafts. Plus, it keeps me on track.

My last post was about my hometown and I am so excited to tell you that it is also on CNN. When you go to the site, make sure you click on the video. there is pics of our courthouse lawn farmer's market .

Tomorrow I am planning on getting up early to head off to some yard sales. They are getting fewer and fewer between the good ones. My faves are the church rummage sales. Usually, there is always a few things, plus, there is always great baked goodies. :)

Saturday, is going to be spent sewing( I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed). Sunday, there is an auction right down the road from my home. It's all primitives and gardening supplies. I am so excited!! I am wanting to find an old table and some benches or stools.

We took the bedroom a/c out of the window yesterday. The air is so cool and I can tell that fall is here. I put on a sweatshirt this morning and it felt so great!! No more hot, muggy days of summer. Its time for cider ( which I have drunk a gallon of) and beautiful leaves all around.


  1. It's that time of year when the garage sales start winding down. The auction you are going to sounds like a good one. Isn't fall a glorious time?


  2. It's that time of year when the garage sales start winding down. The auction you are going to sounds like a good one. Isn't fall a glorious time?


  3. hi pam, lol
    i will answer both your posts. yes and yes....lol

  4. I love going to auctions! It is my kind of shopping! Sitting and shopping! What is not to love! lol

  5. I would love to go to that auction with you, be sure and take pics to show us!
    I hope you find the benches and tables of your dreams:)

  6. Thank you for the recipe for the ricotta dessert. I did find one that I made but it didn't taste like I remembered. I will try yours next.

  7. HA! Just about to go look'n for 'ya! Gotta keep tabs on my peeps! :)
    What kind of job? Details details we need to pray about it with/for 'ya chickie! :)
    Apple recipes, ha yeah we ended up with so many peaches we had to take some to the shelter, do you have one near you, they love to use fresh stuff for the folks dropping in for hot meals!
    Yippee FALL isn't it great???
    The crows gather on the power lines outside the studio window in the morn'n & sit quietly(the only time they're quiet!) until the sun comes up! Love it!
    Have an awesome weekend Kim, happy hunting! xoxoL~

  8. Have a great weekend - hope you find lots of good stuff at the auction! :)


  9. Hi Kim!
    oooh I agree, details on the job! I hope you find tons of goodies at the auction! Love to see picts too of your finds! Oh I love fall, I have two bags of apples from home, I have to get crackin on those too! I have a good apple crisp recipe! I'll have to send it to ya! Have a great weekend!
    Hugs girl!

  10. Hey girl fingers crossed on the job area.

    I need to get some sewing done too on Saturday but I have a wedding,bridal shower, and fall party.