Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chilly Wednesday and a new 'Do

It is chilly out today!! Of course, the wind isn't helping any either..:)
I didn't work on a project today... Well, maybe I did work on a project.....................

The project being me!! :)

I went this morning for a hair cut. Some of you who know me, know that I am a "no frills" kinda girl; jeans, tennis shoes, and a baggy shirt are my attire. :)
I have never been one for make up, not that I wouldn't like to be one of those beautifuil women . I just don't know alot about putting it on and never can decide what to use. Is there a cosmetologist in the house?? :)

Anyways, I am going to be brave and post some pics..

BEFORE- June 2008, Storm's graduation

Today, no curls.

view from the back
I love the highlights and that she blew it straight!
I feel like I lost 20 pounds off my head. lol
I have had curly hair all my life...... I so wish I could do this at home.
Of course, it will be curly again after washing it.
But, for now, I love it!!!


  1. Very nice! Lovin the waves, but I love the curls too!
    Have a great day! Kimberly

  2. Very nice! I have very curly hair that is all natural. I love to wear it straight but it takes me over an hour to do it. Besides there is no point now that I have a 4 month old who loves to pull whatever he can grab!

  3. Oh My Gosh! Your hair is so long! I love it!
    As Dr. Seuss says "Curly or Straight, Hair is Great!"
    You look beautiful.


  4. Lookin good :) Don't you just feel wonderful after you get a new 'do'? I feel like a new person! In fact, Jer joked when I had my hair chopped that he got a new wife! LOL

    I think of myself as a "no frills" girl, however I do the make-up and stuff. I wear jeans and t-shirts, just fitted ones and prefer black or brown shoes to sneakers. However, if Jer asks me to go out in the woods with him or to go outside and dig a hole, I'm right there with him. I tell him he's got the best of both worlds :) LOL

    Enjoy your new do and stay warm!


  5. I think both ways look good! I have straight hair and I have always wanted curls!!!!

  6. WOW Kim, you look much younger with your new do! It looks great!!
    Grab yourself a BIG round brush and youll beable to blow it staight too:)

  7. Love your new look!! It does make you look younger!! And its so long! You can get a hair straightener and it straightens it fast!!! I never had curly hair til a couple of years ago, very strange!! but I use a straightener it works great!! Have a great night!~Wendy

  8. i like the new do'! i too have naturally curly hair and wish i could manage the "straight blown-out look" that the professionals give me, but i never do. once i wash it, it's gone and back to blah, lol.

  9. Love the do girly!! I have been trying to grow mine out alittle, but am needing to have it thinned out! I always change my hair when i get depressed about my weight! LOL

  10. Your hair is so pretty! Are you happy with it? Have you seen that infomercial for the InStyler? I am so having to sit on my hands to avoid ordering it! And I don't even have much hair these days - I'm just a hair gadget geek!


  11. Have you ever thought about getting it chemically straightened? Don't ask me about curls I got straight hair. YOu look very nice by the way.

  12. Your new do is great but it looks good curly, too. I had stick straight hair when it was really long & got alot of it cut off & now I have wavy hair. Now I can put a face to your blog.


  13. Love the new do, I too am a no frills kind of gal. I always tell my hairdresser, make it easy. Are you a red head? Me too! Get it, Mad Red Hare?

  14. Looking good there! I love your long hair! I have to have my fine hair straight hair short, otherwise its awful, so envy anyone with long nice wavy hair! grass is always greener! lol!

  15. You can get them at Walmart, they are usually pink, blue or purple, chunky, big and round. Ya cant miss em! They dont have regular bristles (not sure on the name)
    Go here to get a looksie:)


  16. Looks great but I like the curls too!


  17. thanks to all of you!! it really makes me feel great to get someone else's opinion......
    hugs, kim

  18. You do look younger with it straight...me too, my hair is naturally curly and I use a straightening iron and never have to worry about it:) You may like to try one.

  19. Lovin it girl!!!!

    I have waves... kinda. I've always secretly wished I had curly hair, but no such luck.


  20. I love your hair straight! You'd be surprised - I bet you could do that - a little smoothing product, a blow dryer and a brush - Voila!
    Your arm would hurt but your hair would be straight!
    I found you through Simple Needs.

  21. You have very pretty hair. I love long hair!

    My daughters have curly hair (which I'm envious of). I tell them they have the best of both worlds. It takes them no time to straighten it with an straigntening iron and if they want curly, they wash and crunch it.

    I like yours both ways. :)

  22. I have very wavy (frizzy)hair and my daughter ReaLLy curly hair. We use a flat iron when we want the straight look. It goes super fast. It's always good to put some leave in conditioner in before you iron it. Chemical straighteners are ok if you don't color your hair. But, too much chemical processing can really cause some damage. Plus, if you use a flat iron you have the option of beautiful soft curls or straight.
    I'm not a make-up gal either. I never wear it around the house. If I'm going out I go super simple - first some moisturizer and then some blush and mascara. E-Z breezy!