Saturday, October 11, 2008

TaKiNG it easy on SAtUrDaY...........

Well, the cats took it easy, not me!
I ran around here today like a mad woman. Floors are swept and mopped, dusting and laundry are done.
My sister and I took her daughters to the pumpkin patch this afternoon. They are 6 and 7 and let me tell ya, what a handful!!! OMG!!! They make me remember why I decided not to have any more.. LOL
The pumpkin patch was pretty much a disappointment.
There were no pumpkins in the fields whatsoever. It used to be that we could take the sleds to the field, collect your own and bring it back to the entrance to pay for them. Now, all the pumpkins are picked. They were way too expensive, if you ask me. My sister( Kelly) ended up paying $8.00 for one pumpkin. :( plus, they were playing harp music ...... what happened to the polka music and fiddles playing for Fall??
I did manage to pick up some dried gourds for 50 cents each and two bundles of broom corn for a $1.00. I need to find some pretty ribbon to tie it with.:) We left the patch and headed to Aldi's. Pumpkins were still $1.99. I bet next year she doesnt mention the pumpkin patch. lol
She is not a budget shopper; no matter how much I get on her about it.
Next stop was my dad's, we ended up fixing tacos and Key Lime pie for supper.
Tomorrow we are going back to pick more apples. ( I am getting tired of seeing apples):)
Hey family, I have got to get some sewing done!
Oh, Dani at http://oldehomesteadpeddler.blogspot.com/ is having a giveaway. hurry and sign up!!! I am so wanting the room sprays.
Remember the witch I made ( and had hanging on my door) in a previous post? Well, I sold her this morning for $20.00. I hope she makes her new owner smile.

Have a great night, Kim


  1. WOW, Sounds like you had a fun day! Pumpkins are so expensive here too..might have to skip them this year :(

    Great News on the sell! You must be dancing around with joy, I'm sure it went to a good home!

  2. I haven't bought any real pumpkins yet and I probably won't with the cost of them:) I've just bought the little ones at Walmart, 5 for 2.98:)

    So happy that you sold your witch, I bet you made the lady so happy!

  3. Wow... pumpkins are way over priced there. We raise & sell here at the farm... Our large jack o lantern ones we sell for $3 & $4 each and they have thick skin w/ large stems (my favorite part).

    Love your blog & your decorating style...

    Have a Wonderful, AuTuMn WeeKeNd, Pamela

  4. I haven't purchased pumpkins yet either...but, thanks for the heads up on price checking! I bet those little girls still had fun and will remember the pumpkin patch trip forever!

  5. Oh...forgot to mention that I love your kitty and it's napping place. They can sleep anywhere, can't they?!

  6. Just stopping in to say hi! Love the cute picture of your kitty...Too sweet!

  7. It sounds like you had a blast to me. We went to the pumpkin patch this year, but our 4 pumpkins altogether cost a little over $8, ouch on just 2 being that price.

    Congrats on the sale!

  8. Stop over Kim...I've given you an aware!