Saturday, October 4, 2008

WeekEnD FiNdS & MoRe

Hello all, how is your weekend going??
I thought I would post some pics of a hodge podge of things.
This is some of my yard sale finds this weekend.

I got the magazines for 10 cents. I like to read them , check out any ideas/recipes, and then pass them on.
I also got 2 of the hardbacks I had been wanting to read. I got "The Prodigal", and "Betrayal"( I think thats the name). They are wrote in an Amish setting. They were 50 cents each.
Pink salt shaker was 10 cents. I am going to use it for glitter. :)
Green and cream plaid curtains were $3.00. They are going to my dad's for the room we just painted.
I got two sets of quilted pillow shams . I am not sure if I am going to use them as shams or make some cutter projects .
In the upper right side is a brand new recipe book- 25 cents. I might use it for a christmas gift.
I also found a set of cream placemats 25 cents. thought they would be great to applique or stitch on.
next pic............

One pair of doggy paw slippers 50 cents
Herbal remedy book 10 cents
Metal bowl and scoop ( on left hand side) $2.00 for the pair
Front - handyman box ( lots of tapes, twine, stickers, labels) $1.00
Center box- sewing supplies ( including two new pairs of scissors, still on the carboard) $1.00
upper left hand corner- School supply box- loaded with pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, push pins,crayons, etc. $2.00
Paint roller pan 25 cents

More goodies, except for the show off cat. :). He lives here. lol

A calendar "quilt a day" book 25 cents
2 packages of garden seed strips 25 cents each
Wood thanksgiving turkey $1.00
Pattern 25 cents
I made the sign this past week. I didnt have a chance to post it on Wednesday though. I am happy to say it is hanging out front on my fence. I will get a pic of the whole group as soon as we get the pumpkins out there. :)

scroll on down for more pics.........................


  1. Wow, what a haul. I bet you had alot of fun. I love junk saling.


  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Those laundry panels aren't really hard to sew or to create. I can envision them created with tea-stained muslin and all prim-ed out! They even make a wonderful prim window topper. Just shoot me an email if you need more instruction {there's a email link on my blog!}

  3. Wow! You found a LOT on your excursion! Have fun placing everything and sorting through what you want to get into first :)

    Have a great rest of your weekend!


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    You sure got some great buys. I love browsing through magazines, too.

    Your sign looks fantastic.

  5. You have great finds here...I'm curious about the craft pattern. And I Love your kitty!

  6. I love buying magazines at the flea market or yardsales and I don't care what kind just as long as they have decorating in them:)
    Have fun placing everything around and enjoying it!
    Love your kitty!

  7. You got a great haul of goodies! Woohoo. I love that sign you made, it is so cute. It's great.

  8. So much goodness. I have been reading all of your post I have missed. Have a great day...m..

  9. Man! Those were some great finds! Lucky you! I love old magazines too! I always pick them up at sales!
    Love the Autumn Blessings sign you finished!

  10. Kim,
    I had to chuckle...a silk purse from a pigs ear? I don't know about that! LOL

    Most of my problem with the decorating outside thing is that I have all of these ideas in my head. All of these expectations and when I can't meet them either because I don't have the time or money or what not, I end up bummed out and feel I shouldn't even try. A week or so ago I was complaining about how junky I think it looks outside of my house...you know because I had a tree stand and a picnic table in my driveway and whatever else out of place and my plants have all died. My friend's husband said to me that I was crazy, that everything looks great and to stop worrying. I really do this all to myself. I have too big of expectations and want to accomplish way more in a short amount of time than possible. I need to take a chill pill, right? LOL

    Jer's step mom was always someone that I loved to be around. We spent so much time there and felt so at home. However, almost three years ago, Pat's son died of cancer. Within like a period of two years, she lost her son, her mother, her brother and her aunt, who was like a second mother. It made her bitter. Pat started going to church and suddenly everything about her life that she did before was stupid or immature and she started criticizing everyone around her. She isn't friends with people that she was friends with most of her life. She doesn't do anything for FUN. She and Denny started to fight and not get along....things are better now but they're not like they once were. It's very sad, actually. It is hard to loose a loved one, it was harder on her losing her son than the rest because she knew they were at that point but it's sad to see how it's changed her life so drastically.

    I missed your other post yesterday. The Apple Crunch looks YUMMY!

    Adam is a handsome dog :) Jer's step sister has a Greyhound that she rescued from dog racing. He's the best behaved dog I hear :)

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. Wow, LOOK at you go! GREAT finds!!!
    I couldnt get that lucky if I tried:) Your sign is adorable!!