Thursday, June 19, 2008

another post............

i have been tagged!!
rondell at http://rondell-tomatoecreekprims.blogspot.com/ has tagged me.
i was asked a few simple questions, so here goes....

1. name 5 things that I do for myself:
-i buy myself flavored coffee creamers; if i dont have them to start my day, it all seems off kilter.
-i treat myself to small goodies at yard sales or thrift stores. not alot of money but something to lift my spirits. sometimes its a book for altered art, an old frame or a vintage scarf, it doesnt matter what as long as it makes ME feel good.
-polishing my toes. i love pinks and reds! wiggling them when they are all polished makes me smile.
- buying jif peanut butter. lol i dont think there is any better. i love, love , love peanut butter. its a simple luxury, but oh so good.
- sewing- lately i have felt more stress free sewing for ME then to sell. i have just been in that mood. it makes me happy to make me something. :)

2.Name 5 kind things I do for friends, my children or partner:
- cook as much as i can. i love baking!
- babysit. my girls are both older so it is nice to have a little one around once in a while.
- listen. everyone needs an ear.
-garden. i spend quite a bit of time helping friends and family with gardening as well as my own.
-remember them. whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, a story they have told, or anything else that i know is important.

3.Name 5 kind things I've done for a strangers:

- money. when i was working full time i donated regularly to community agencies.
- furniture. we had some new folks move into the neighborhood a few years ago. no furniture, no tv, etc. we gave them enough to get them started and to keep the kids from sleeping on the floor.
- offer assistance. just this afternoon a guy lost several pieces of plywood and 2x4's right on the road. i pulled over , and directed traffic while my daughter, storm, helped him get it back in the truck.
- be courteous to others. i always think of that song lyric that goes, "what if God was one of us?"
- tip. i worked in a restaurant while in high school. i know what its like trying to please others. i know that those people rely on their tips, not wages to get by. if they deserve a tip, they are getting it from me.

4. Name 5 hobbies I enjoy:

- sewing
- altered art
- playing cards

5.Tag 5 people to do the same but only if you want to:)

NJT at http://tomboyaroundtown.blogspot.com/
sandra at http://gollywobbles.blogspot.com/
robin at http://bittersweetpunkin.blogspot.com/
wendy at http://thecozyyellowhouse.blogspot.com/
raggedy angel at http://ragggedyangel.blogspot.com/

thanks rondell!! this was fun!!!



  1. You are a very sweet person!

    I will play along...that sounds like a great meme!!

  2. hey rhanks.. I will take a deeper lok after class.

    (do me a fav - pls change to "NJT at tomboyaround......")

  3. Hey, Yea I'Ll play!I love yor yard!

  4. thanks all for playing.

    njt, its changed.lol i posted a link to your site and blog on a decorating forum.. i love the bracelet!!

  5. Loved your lists! You and I are so similar in our intrests :)

    Take care,

  6. You have been tagged again...if you want to. I was tagged twice, two different 5 things. You can do the other or skip out all together, I won't be angry :)

  7. Thanks for joining in the fun, glad to know more about you.

    Blessings Rondell

  8. Kim you are the best!

    Look - I do a series on my blog... "Each one teach one" So far I have done decoupaging & rcksmom did sealing furniture for outdoor use... would you like to do a part for the series? If so let me know...