Friday, June 13, 2008

i am setting my own record

i am setting a record today.lol this is my 3rd post! i took a bunch of pics and am trying to get them on here. i had to edit a few times , so if i deleted something that you looked at and reposted it. i am soo sorry!!

this was a thrift store find yesterday. $1.99!! well worth it , i think!
now where can i put it??

fresh green onions from our little garden.

last night we took off and went swimming. i thought we deserved it after all the painting, gardening and other household jobs. we stopped at "circle k" and picked up a couple 59 cent polar pops. for those of you who dont have a circle k store, every summer they run a special to get a huge cup (of your choice) of fountain drinks for 59 cents. it equals out to about 48 ounces. so its well worth the change. this is a pic of a small, secluded swimming spot we go to on seneca lake. i wish i could see this view evey morning over coffee. thanks to God for cool water, a warm sun and a beautiful view.

hugs, kim


  1. What an awesome thrift store find!!!

  2. 1.99?!!! You are so lucky I never find deals like that!!! Your onions look really good I can't wait til our garden starts to produce!! Your home looks great the painting looks great and I love your new outside lights!!!~Wendy