Sunday, June 22, 2008

sunday evening.........

woo-hoo!! i have been tagged again!! i will work on it tomorrow evening and then post my list.:)
we have been very busy this weekend. i got more plants in the ground. not that i needed to add more, lol. but i did ! i neeed to do some surfing and find more shade plants. my shade list is limited to bleeding heart, hosta, and fern..... oh, and a few impatiens here and there.
the sunny south side is so much easier to do!
my cannas are about 10 inches out of the ground.
i planted some more daylilies.... i picked them up saturday at walmart.
walmart has the bulbs and roots of the lilies, hostas, strawberry plants and gladiolas for $1.00 a bag.. the lilies have 5 bulbs to a bag. the rest have 3-4 to a bag.

tomorrow is my birthday. i will try to pass through it gracefully. i am going to a friends tomorrow evening to get a few more plants.
this is a link to her photos.

good night all.


  1. Today is your birthday! Happy birthday girly, I hope that it is a AWESOME day for you! Lots of hugs...


  2. Kim, I have an award for you :)

  3. Hope you are having a great Birthday girly! Hugs

  4. thanks all!!
    i had a great day and will post.
    hugs, kim