Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy tuesday....................

i want to show you pics of the paper bag craft swap goodies that i received from emily at
i received a paper bag album, a wonderful little cloth bag with recipe cards , a bookmark and handmade note cards. i am loving it all!!! thank you so much emily!!! the swap had been posted on
i will definitely join another swap from there. this has been so much fun and i have met some awesome new friends.

here is a couple pics of the new paint job. it was so needing it. we have to finish up a few little things on the outside. porch lights still need to be installed and a little touch up painting done. i will post more pics later. we are also working on some new saltbox houses to put in between the hostas. got to work on painting them tomorrow.

anyone read or get HALLMARK magazine?? i received a free subscription to it and its wonderful!! there are so many great recipes, craft projects, decorating ideas and other goodies.
if you havent checked it out , do so. its really great.

oh, before i go............
what is your favorite "on the grill" food?

hugs, kim


  1. Wow..I did not know Hallmark even had a magazine...I'll have to see if the library has a copy...on the grill I would have to say I love a whole grilled onion....and chicken ! Are you having a cookout?

  2. I love grilled Chicken and We are trying grilled peaches this weekend, just take peaches and half them, take out pit and brush with melted butter grill side down, grill slightly and serve with melted butter and cinnamon...YUMMY!

  3. you both are making me hungry!!
    grilled peaches sound wonderful and i have never had them.

  4. Grilled peaches do sound yummy! Love your goodies from the swap. I really like the paper bag book and it's colors, what are you going to put in it?

    Take care,