Thursday, June 19, 2008

thursday- show and tell

i decided to do a "show and tell". do you remember how you used to have that at school?? everyone always tried to have the best goodies to show the class. well, i am posting some goodies to show you all and tell you about them.. lol
first , this is my group of trash diving finds, yes, i said trash diving finds. my neighbor a few houses up was putting out a bunch of boxes for the friday trash route. i was chatting with her and seen the enamelware pans!! i asked her if i could please have them!! she was going to throw them away!! eek!! there are 4 enamelware pans shown, the white one is very heavy. i have never had one that is as heavy as this. the blue one says "made in poland" on the bottom and the 2 green ones with black trim are unfamiliar to me. i have the yellow with green trim but none like this. i am going to have to check and see if they are worth anything . i also scored the rest of the stuff shown. woo-hoo!! do you know whats in the plastic container?? well, its the paints that we used to used to do pillowcases and t shirts when i was younger. did you notice i didnt say "young", i said "younger". there is also a pack of raffia, a roll of cheesecloth and the pattern to make those yard goose clothes and flags. the pattern i will more than likely send to my aunt. she still has a yard goose, and sews. the cat was not a find, she is just nosey.

and here is our latest edition to the family. please welcome, "tater tot".

please feel free to join me in doing a thursday show and tell!!!
be back soon, kim


  1. Nice finds in the trash :) I have one of those green with black pans. I bought it when I bought my first two red and white pans at the TS. Then I started buying more and more red and white and the green one got stashed! LOL It's just not working with the color scheme.

    I was going to say that I don't have anything to share but you know, I did pick up a few things today! I went to a friend's yard sale, pretty much just to visit with her but I bought a few things, to help her out, too!

    Hope you had a nice day!

  2. hi leslie, off to see your goodies.........

  3. Really nice finds and the kitty is so adorable!

  4. Heck, I love to dig through trash too! :> ) Ya got some great finds there!
    I love that name Tater Tot! A pefect name for that lil' bugger too. I giggled out loud when I read that. :> )