Friday, June 13, 2008

painting and lights completed

whew! new paint is on and new lantern lights are up. we bought these at lowes. price was good;less than 25.00 each. i think they look better than the standard porch light.

my friend leslie had asked if maybe the paint color change would make a difference in cooling. well, i have got to say yes, and its only been a few days. the previous color was a dark wine, almost black. i think lightening it up has made a difference in the inside temperature AND blending in with the area.

side view

i need to get some pics of my first tomatoes and other garden goodies on here too!!

be back soon, kim


  1. I have the same lanterns!! I love how they look so Country! The new paint looks nice :)

  2. Kim, love the house color and lights. I believe I had something like them at my old house. Also what a cute bike. Thrift store find? And the cute shelf cupboard...what an awesome find.


  3. Your home and yard are amazing!
    Everything looks so clean and fresh! Good Job!

  4. thanks for the compliments.
    yes, i got the bike at a thrift store. it was in their warehouse area. i got it for $2.49.
    i have had it about 3 years now.

  5. I love your yard!!! We don't have a yard for our kids to play in. Yours is beautiful!!